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Living in Dagupan City, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

25 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Dagupan City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 25 people living in Dagupan City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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25 comments on “Dagupan City”

My city have the most delicious milkfish in the country. And during month of May “Piyesta Ng Dagat” is celebrated where many tourists comes. Aside from those things, when you get into a neighborhood it is not hard to deal with them for my fellow Dagupeños are very approachable and friendly.

Donica, says: 2020

Dagupan City is very famous for its Bangus Festival. Many tourist visit the city to witness the grand parade and participate with the longest milkfish “bangus” grilling at night together with the famous bands that will come from different cities. Television personalities are also present to give entertainment to the people.

When you are considering to move to my city, be aware that the primary job of the people here are farmers and fishermen. Because even it was entitled as a city, the resources here that they are selling are the one they harvest in the farm and in the fish ponds. This city also known as the Bangus Capital of the Philippines because there are a lot of ponds here which you can catch a lot of fishes.

Manilyn, says: 2020

Dagupan City is the center of commerce in the entire Pangasinan Province. You’ll see different inhabitants from different parts of the province residing here for good. Students who wanted to have good education are sent here, elderlies who need special care are being treated in our hospitals with modern facilities.

Cathyrine, says: 2020

My town was the freshest and the best. We have our own fresh milk fish which I love all around my country. We have a good view to a cove. Cafes and restaurants with flavorful foods that the people love. And most importantly. the people here are warm welcoming and kind.

Dagupan City is famously known for being the Bangus Capital of the world. Its tasty milkfish, which is said to be caused by the algae in its ponds, drives the economic activity in the city. However, due to this famous tagging, other high quality products offered by Dagupan tend to be overlooked and underrated—the Pigar-pigar dish is a classic example for this.

Grachel, says: 2020

Our city is the Bangus Capital of the Philippines. We import fishes such as bangus and tilapia nationwide. We also have incredible beaches where you can relax and spend your vacation with a low budget. Even though we are in a provincial area, we are still civilized since we are a city, an independent city.

Allysa, says: 2020

We have a great tourist spots that you will surely love. Our city is a independent and responsible city with hospitable and disciplined citizens that makes our place more attractive and good choice of living. Dagupan City is well known for its pond raised bangus or milkfish so moving here is a good choice.

Christine, says: 2020

Our city is small but very abundant. It is surrounded by water which helpful for fishery but sometimes disadvantage because it easily get flood in our city. There are lot of job opportunity that you can find here. our city is great and there is a lot of kindest and very hardworking people.

Lawrence, says: 2020

Dagupan City is such a beautiful place you could ever think of. We have here the most wonderful ocean, where you can swim and go fishing for free. Another best thing about Dagupan City are the people whom you can lean on and ask for help. Last but not the least is our most popular festival which is Bangus Festival.

Dagupan City is one of the Philippines pride. We celebrate Bangus (Tuna) Festival in which it is attended by different people, and Foreigners. I a certain that through this celebration we gain a lot of tourist, where it has an economic impact for good, and with this kind of celebration e promote the best tuna in the whole wide world.

Christine, says: 2020

Be ready for the hot weather because it gets very hot here. But the good thing is it is near tourist attractions so you can easily go to places. There are also a lot of malls so you can buy whatever you need within the city.

Christine, says: 2020

Dagupan City is known for its famous milkfish. It is surrounded by clean beaches that anyone can go to for a quick breather. The people here are warm and welcoming. It may be a small city, but one can enjoy one’s solitude since there won’t be as much noise as one would expect.

Arturo, says: 2020

It is a small chartered city with outstanding festivals, including Bangus Festival. Bangus is a fish that is very popular here. The mayor provides free lessons for sports and is generous towards athletes and people who are in need. It is a wonderful city and a great place to call home.

Angela, says: 2020

Dagupan is a very beautiful city in which you could explore different places. Although, the best part in living here is the community, where you get treated as one of the citizens living here, even if you are a tourist. You could also try different desserts that are especially made here.

Queenie, says: 2020

Dagupan City is the Bangus Capital of the Philippines. Every year, in April, the city celebrates Bangus Festival to express gratitude for a good harvest and highlight their bangus products. The city also has different beautiful places to visit like beaches and resorts.

Engelbert, says: 2020

When moving here, be aware that it is overcrowded. Since it is the place of trade all over the province, people flock in here everyday. Hence, if one values personal space, he or she must think twice before moving here. Nevertheless, if space does not matter, our city offers the best tasting milkfish in the world.

Dagupan City is well-known for its abundant bangus fish. The Bangus Festival is celebrated through street dancing, parade and even grilling in the streets. Dagupan is the home of the champions from different categories of International and National Games. Dagupan City is also known for the hospitality of the people.

If someone moves out of the City, the main reason is employment market. People need to go to other cities to find a job and make a living. Another reason is the cost of living. Even though we are the major producers of some commodities, the selling price of local commodities is still high and even the rental fees were also high.

Dagupan city is well-known as the producers of milkfish or widely known as ‘bangus’ and it is home for the original pigar-pigar dish, a food that is cooked usually from a carabao meat together with some vegetables as side dish. And visiting Dagupan City is fun because of its abundant tourist spots.

Christina, says: 2020

Dagupan is a very good place. It has a warm climate, not to mention a warm atmosphere off generous people living there. Its main export is the milkfish. You can do all sorts of recipe on this type of fish including the famous Sinigang, boneless milkfish, and the like. Dagupan is not only a bustling city, but also a good home for all.

Dagupan City is a quaint and very humid town. During summers, my city is one with the highest temperature because it is surrounded by many bodies of water. Our main produce is milkfish which is renowned nationally and globally. The people’s dialect here is Pangalatok and only insiders can use this term as such. Do not be afraid when you hear locals speak this. It may seem like they are angry, but they are not. Quite frankly, citizens of Dagupan City are very lively and accommodating.

This city is bustling with activity and its thriving with businessmen, students, and merchants. People here are all very accommodating and very kind. This is indeed a good city filled with many opportunities and good people. Not to mention the food here. The foods are delicious especially the main export here which is the milkfish.

Daniel, says: 2020

Dagupan is usually hot most times of the year. If you are going to be visiting from a city with a colder temperature, you would need to put that into consideration and prepare adequately. Also, if you’re a foreigner visiting for the first time, you would need to learn to use the word “po” after every phrase when talking to a Filipino as it signifies deep respect here.

Dagupan is a bustling city with street filled with vendors selling a variety of products, from fruits and vegetables to pre-loved items. It’s also a developing city, having new business establishments being built yearly. this city is also known for having lots of fishponds that breed milkfish, which is why the townsfolk annually celebrate the “Bangus Festival”.

Eloise, says: 2020

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