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Cost of Living and Inflation in Sharjah: What do you need to know?

seven local experts

Here's what seven local experts had to say about prices and the cost of living in Sharjah.

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A person considering moving to my city should know is that Sharjah as one of the Emirates city is more strict compared to Dubai. As an Arab country there are rules wherein public display of affection is strongly prohibited as well wearing clothes which are revealing or too short for ladies. As for the housing the rental prices is much cheaper than of Dubai.

Sharjah is among the under-rated emirates in UAE. It has beautiful mosques, a beach, a fully maintained corniche for families to hang out, few large malls for shopping and many other restaurants and cafes to check out.Many hang-out areas for all ages can be easily found all around this city. The rent of apartments is relatively low compared to Dubai. If looking for a more relaxed and quiet place to reside with your family, Sharjah is your city! Its beauty lies in its simplistic architecture and modest view. The ruler of Sharjah has focused largely on the education provided at all levels and I can pretty much guarantee it is excellent. Having studied at a previous school here; students are trained at a very early age to tackle all kinds of situation and become eligible. Eligible to study anywhere else in the world! It is that advanced with studies. Huge universities, parks, theatres, etc. awaits the its future residents from outside the country and/or city.

United Arab Emirates as a whole is a very lively country and Sharjah in specific is more on the cheaper side of U. A. E, making it pretty crowded and loud at all times of the day. Besides that, you should be really smart about choosing an apartment, for all I know, people here rent a 20,000 value apartment for 70,000 Dirhams.

Perviz, says: 2020

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, has plenty of beautiful views and lots of affordable hotels and restaurants. The cost of living is cheaper compared to other Emirates. Most working people in Dubai are living here. The security is very safe. There’s a peaceful ambiance, with parks and playgrounds free to use anytime.

Being one of the biggest states of UAE, Sharjah is comparatively less expensive in house rents, food and party. On other hand, Sharjah keeps worst repute due to it’s heavy traffic during office timings. it has Asia’s biggest Automobile Industry and Spare Parts market and its beaches are worth visiting.

Sharjah is a beautiful UAE city where I have been staying with my family for years. I suggest a friend getting an apartment since rent is cheaper than in other emirates. people find convenience with transportation; buses and taxis are available at a reasonable rate. As a Filipino I find comfort living in this friendly multicultural environment.

Rent rates are less compared to Dubai but one drawback being non availability of Metros. There are lot of parks and corniche where one could unwind after a long day’s work. One could say that the living cost in Sharjah is less compared to Dubai. Here there aren’t any saliks (Toll) too. you save on that too.

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