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Cost of Living and Inflation in Mumbai, Maharashtra: What do you need to know?

78 local experts

Here's what 78 local experts had to say about prices and the cost of living in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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If you are moving to Mumbai, you will need to:

Plan early and network – It is an expensive city, and it takes time to find a place to live, get a job, and get settled in. Connect with your relatives/friends if any or join an online group where you can form connections that can be helpful once you land.

Language – Apart from speaking English, learn some Hindi or Marathi. This will help you get around and communicate with locals.

Hotspot for experiencing local and global cuisines – Mumbai is a foodie’s paradise, with restaurants serving everything from traditional Indian food to international cuisine. Fear not, there are options for vegans and pure vegetarians too. You won’t feel left out!

Vibrant cultural scene – There is always something going on in Mumbai, from art exhibitions to music festivals. For someone who is not Indian and wants to enjoy authentic Indian festivals and special occasions, Mumbai is the place.

Ananthanarayan, says: 2023

Mumbai is well connected. Commuting is easy here but time consuming. Depending on where one chooses to reside rentals are on the higher end in places such as Bandra, Lokhandwala, Juhu. As you go further away from main Mumbai, rentals get cheap. Weather is good. Rains are either downpours and incessant rain in the monsoons. There is water logging but it takes no time for the ground to suck it in if the skies give us a break.

Menakshi, says: 2023

Overcrowded, poor quality roads, bad basic infrastructure, very expensive real estate, high cost of living, only positive is that you have many beaches and seafront…

If you are moving to Mumbai be prepared for filthy air, lots of traffic and expensive housing.

Sundar, says: 2022

Mumbai is a crowded city, if you are moving here for work, make sure you stay close to work. Many suburban areas are painfully crowded, so do your research before finalizing an apartment. It is one of the most safest, convenient cities in India to live. Surprisingly, there is space for everyone. Decent accommodation can be very expensive.

ravinath, says: 2022

The cost of housing – including rent – can be very high compared to most other cities. The public transport, while being very cheap and efficient, can be extremely overcrowded during peak hours. During monsoon months (July – September) the rain at times can be very heavy leading to waterlogging in some locations.

Subrata, says: 2022

Mumbai is notorious for large crowds and maddening traffic. They should know effective methods to get around the city using the local trains. A basic vocabulary of Hindi would be of great help in communicating with the locals. They should also have sufficient income to afford the rent of an apartment in the Mumbai suburbs.

Mumbai is a very humid city, given its proximity to the Arabian sea. Therefore, one can experience high levels of discomfort during the summers.Since Mumbai is a home to many millionaires, it is an expensive city to dwell in, as compared to the rest of the cities in the country. The most famous mode of public transportation here are the local trains, which are cheap and quick. All you need is a ticket and you’re good to commute anywhere within and outside the city.

Shatanik, says: 2020

While moving to a city like Mumbai, the person should consider somethings like the area where the person is going to live in; What are the transportation facilities, is there a grocery store nearby? How much is the rent of the apartment the person would be living in? Whether the person is gonna be happy after moving in the city.

Rikita, says: 2020

Mumbai has the highest population density of any city in India. It is a large, sprawling metropolis and is India’s most cosmopolitan city. Mumbai real estate is very expensive, so house rentals are generally quite high. Mumbai depends heavily on it’s suburban rail system for the transportation needs of its large population.

Shraddha, says: 2020

They will have to bear with a lot of traffic. Every activity needs to have a few hours of commute considered. Also, it is not as cheap as one would believe to live in Mumbai. One should expect running into a lot of people daily if they’re out and about.

Vatsalya, says: 2020

The city’s nightlife and the train system are essential to anyone visiting Mumbai as travel can get expensive if the person is using private transportation. Apart from that, know since it’s a metropolitan and a city that belongs to one of the most populated countries in the world, being a tough cookie in the hustling crowds is advised.

Someone considering to move to Mumbai must know that it is a very crowded city and the weather is unbearably humid. It has a robust public transport system which residents heavily rely upon. Mumbai is famous for its delicious and affordable street food. It’s the financial capital of India.

Kumari, says: 2020

Mumbai is a city of more than 20 million people living in, under, and on top of buildings, slum dwellings, tarpaulin tents, temples, bridges and in one case, a burial ground. The city is one of the world’s most crowded, and has some of the world’s most expensive real estate. Each spot of free space is to be seized and defended. Most times, you will simply find yourself thrust along a pedestrian wave.

Neethu, says: 2020

A word that best describes Mumbai is ‘exhaustion’, so beware- the city is going to make you really, really tired!
1. It’s going to be crowded to the point of suffocation
2. It’s going to be dirty, smelly and downright unhygienic
3. For the most part, it’s going to be quite expensive – especially housing
4. Everything spoils/ruins easily – the food, your clothes, the furniture

However, Mumbai has a rich and cosmopolitan history. Look up the Parsi culture, the colonial times, the fishing communities and the Sindhi-Gujju-Marwadi markets. These are some unique treats my city has to offer.

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. It is an urban cities with modern facilities such as public transport and Metros. The city is near a seashore, and hence has multiple beaches across the city. It it the most highly developed city of India. The living cost, however, is also much higher than the other cities in India.

My city is crowded by people, vehicle and many other things. Never expect any personal space while travelling, as people are very close to you even when it is not crowded. Be aware of traffic, as it has caused many to be late at work. There are many street vendors who sell goods at a cheap price which can be further negotiable.

Mumbai offers tremendous opportunities for hard workers but he or she has to accept that space is a constraint and the city is congested and noise pollution is high. Public transport can be relied upon to commute in the city. It is cheap but crowded. People are nice and the weather is not too harsh.

Darshana, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Mumbai should know it’s a large, bustling city with a dense population. There is a lot of traffic and most people travel by train or car to get to their destination. As for the living expenses, rent is on the higher side but you can usually buy a complete meal for a couple of dollars. The city has an amazing nightlife and people here are very helpful.

Mumbai is the city of dreams. It is a very beautiful city. The transport is very good from trains to planes and auto. The rain is bad yearly from July to September. Many jobs are here. The price of houses are also decent. It is a very crowded city.

Srividya, says: 2020

Mumbai is a city where people come with the hope to achieve their dreams. There is a constant hustle bustle in the city. It is rightly said that the city never sleeps. The people are driven and passionate. The train at Churchgate which is always crowded is a good representation of that. The people of this city are kind and helpful. Some food items like Vada pav, Medu vada, Misal pav are famous and affordable in this city.

Maansi, says: 2020

Mumbai is a diverse city. It is metropolitan. Rainy season can be daunting due to heavy rains. Mumbai embrace people from all walks of life. Weather is humid and sultry. People are warm, nice and respectful towards elders and people from other countries. Food is very affordable and very tasty. There are lot of iconic places to visit in Mumbai.

Shahil, says: 2020

Mumbai is the most popular city in India. The synonym for Mumbai is ‘exhaustion’, so beware- the city is going to make you really, really tired! It’s going to be crowded to the point of suffocation. For the most part, it’s going to be quite expensive – especially housing. But apart from all that there are many good things as well.

Navmita, says: 2020

A person moving to Mumbai should remember that it is a very expensive place. Unless you are too rich or you have huge reserves of cash, you shouldn’t consider moving in to Mumbai. But, one thing is for sure, Mumbai provides you with opportunities that no other city in the world does.

Saswat, says: 2020

Mumbai is the city of dreams. Here all the dreams come true. Mumbai make people aspire are fulfill those aspirations. This city is always awake, it never sleeps, because the dreams don’t let the people sleep. This city is filled with luxury which can suits all the pocket shapes.

Kambhampati, says: 2020

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is a city by the sea on the western coast of India. It is often considered the amalgamation of all things India; a thriving film, finance, and media industry is coupled by that the city houses the largest slum in Asia. The super rich live far from the lower income strata in the city, and that is what makes it an ambitious city of dreams. Everyone can be someone here.

Kalyan, says: 2020

Mumbai is one of the most congested cities of India. You need to be wary of the excessive traffic jams during peak working hours. The best way of commuting in the city is to use the railway network that sprawls all across the city. The rent rates are maximum in the south of the city and decrease as you keep moving northward towards the suburbs.

Ravikanth, says: 2020

House rental prices are less, there are multiple food joints and multiple ways of transport available easily. Although, it’s far from center of the region, however you can reach to the main city in one hour. including all the cost factors, the cost of living is quite less compared to the rest of the city and this make it one of the preferred areas.

Shreya, says: 2020

Mumbai is the city of dreams, you can find any work you desire. Rent a flat near railway station so as to commute easily. Food here is cheap and you are required to carry cash, if you want to buy from food-stalls. The temperature is mostly hot but people here love rain the most!

Prahlad, says: 2020

Mumbai is the financial capital of India. It is also the fashion capital and the house of the famous Bollywood! Being next to the sea, the weather is pleasant year-round. Mumbai was originally called Bombay. It is an expensive city, so be mindful of the expenses here.

Shashank, says: 2020

Consider moving to Mumbai only if you are comfortable in dealing with heavy traffic as it is a densely populated city. Rush is trains are worst during peak hours and the public commute is expensive. The best way to commute in the city is by motorcycle. If you are looking to stay here for a while then you should get yourself a motorcycle.

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and one of the metropolitan cities that rarely sleeps. The food here is diverse and street food is cheap and lip-smacking. Buying or renting a place is really expensive.

Adjust your expectations of space. Mumbai is a city of more than 20 million people living in, under, and on top of buildings, slum dwellings, tarpaulin tents, temples, bridges, and in one case, a burial ground. The city is one of the world’s most crowded, and has some of the world’s most expensive real estate. Pick up life tips on Mumbai’s trains. On the suburban railway network, the fastest way to get around since the British built it in 1853, you’ll see a glorious display of personal space and time management. Know your Bombay from your Mumbai. Two decades after Bombay, the city’s colonial-era name, was dropped for Mumbai—a word derived from Mumbadevi, a deity worshipped by the island’s indigenous fishing communities—what to call this city is still a heated subject.

Street food is delicious only when the street is in the food. Mumbai is essentially a culmination of khao gallis—food-lined “treat streets”—heaving with traffic, commotion, vexations, and delays.

Mainaaz, says: 2020

Mumbai is the city of lights and opportunities flying in the air for everyone to catch. It is a city where people with dreams can achieve and reach great heights. Mumbai has a lot to give though the expenses are a bit on high it will be a lifetime experience for the person who comes because of its beauty and loving nature.

Avinash, says: 2020

People should know Mumbai isn’t like most cities, its organized yet seems chaotic. Life is easy for the rich and equally difficult for the poor. However, once you get comfortable here, it is quite enjoyable. first confirm that you have a dependable income source.

Kinvali, says: 2020

Mumbai has lot of traffic, so they must have patience and during the monsoon season they have to be careful while driving. Adding the rental cost of the apartments is very costly, so the must chose a house careful, so there is less financial drain. it isn’t necessary to their own vehicle because the local transport system is very good and fast.

Indrani, says: 2020

Mumbai has many reasons for which many people would love moving to this lovely place. It has many jobs right from working as a laborer to working with international companies. It is also known for its nightlife. There are numerous bars and restaurants for the youth. There are also numerous places of historical interest to visit during a day off. The beaches are well known and would take away one’s breath. In terms of food, due to the cultural amalgamation, there is no doubt that one would always find something to suit their palate and their mood. There are also places where one can find a cheap bargain for items ranging from fashion to technology. Transport is also fun and unintimidating. But one should always be beware of the usual cheats. Mumbai is a place where one can work and relax and enjoy themselves.

Aayushi, says: 2020

The synonym for Mumbai is ‘exhaustion’, so beware–the city is going to make you really, really tired! Here are some axioms to keep in mind:
– It’s going to be crowded to the point of suffocation.
– It’s going to be dirty, smelly and downright unhygienic.
– For the most part, it’s going to be quite expensive–especially housing.
– Everything spoils/ruins easily–the food, your clothes, the furniture.

You will be moving to the financial capital of India. It is the most densely populated city of India. The cost of living is one of the highest in the country. Commuting in the city is one of the most tiring and time consuming activity. Hence you should consider to live in a place near to your workplace to avoid commuting. if you save on your travel expenses, you could put that money to get yourself a decent accommodation.

Someone moving to Mumbai should know it is a crowded city, to say the least, so one should expect traffic jams and big crowds everywhere they go. Another thing to consider before moving to Mumbai is that it has one of the highest real estate prices in the country and thus, living conditions in the city are hardly ideal.

Rajinder, says: 2020

If someone is considering to reside in Mumbai, either temporarily or permanently, be aware of the rising property prices along with lack of clean air. But nevertheless, the life in the city is full of energy and vigour. The food here can make a dead man rise and the sunset is as beautiful as the sunrise. For there’s a reason why Mumbai is called the beautiful land of seven islands.

Sreeja, says: 2020

Mumbai is considered the city of dreams In India. Everyday thousands migrate in search of better opportunities and the city does not disappoint. Even if you are a minimum wage worker who struggles to earn his daily bread and feed his family, Mumbai does not disappoint it feeds you the cheap, tasty and wholesome ‘vada pav’ the Indian burger with a crisp deep fried potato patty placed gently inside the pav along with the chutney made of assorted Indian spices.

Someone who consider moving to Mumbai must know that Mumbai is famous for its nightlife, Vada pav and for filling dreams of everyone. It’s called “sapno ka shehar”. Be ready to be pushed around if you’re walking in a crowded area including a market, local train, station (basically most places) etc. Nobody even cares to turn around and say sorry. One cannot travel in a taxi everyday as prices are very high.

Raghavendra, says: 2020

Things know before moving to Mumbai:
1. The city is fast moving. People are busy in their own lives.
2. Public transportation is best compared to other cities in India.
3. Living is expensive. Buying a house in Mumbai can cost you a lot.
4. Security is best compared to other metro cities in India.

A lot of things including a house maid, a movie ticket, daily food, restaurant, etc would cost 20 to 40% more than a tier-two city. Rent could be much higher depending on the location. Usually, one will have to save up for 10 to 20 yrs to buy a house. Traffic is manageable, but the roads are pathetic including the life lines like Western Express Highway (too bumpy). The government keeps congesting the city with new projects all the time. Being the commercial capital of India, more than 50% of corporate offices are situated here and it offers maximum opportunities for senior professionals.

Mumbai is the financial capital of India. All major MNCs are in Mumbai. The nightlife of Mumbai is also wonderful and it also has Bollywood. If you are interested in having a place here, it’s very cost effective in the suburbs. We have excellent train connectivity across the city.

Saumya, says: 2020

While Mumbai is beautiful and breathtaking, one must realize that Mumbai being a metropolitan city has an incredibly fast-paced life. It is a city with high rents and average salaries. Another significant component to keep in mind is the high population density and pollution which is present within city limits and in certain areas of the outskirts of Mumbai.

Hisham, says: 2020

Any person moving here must be aware that Mumbai is an expensive place. The cost of living is really high and you are not going to find any accommodation worthy of the money you spend. All that apart, it is a beautiful city with sprawling beaches and monuments.

Pranoti, says: 2020

Be prepared to have amazing street food, which is very much affordable, you won’t ever feel loneliness. Local trains and BST busses helps to move from one place to another easily. People are very kind and gentle to each other, any stranger won’t feel uncomfortable.

Mumbai is a city which never sleeps. This is a fast pace city where people find no time to waste. Each and every hour here goes busy but still the feel to live in this city is varied. The living standard of Mumbai is high and a bit expensive but the adrenaline rush you feel is altogether a different experience. to move right away to this beautiful city.

Don’t miss street food and be ready to get pushed around if you are walking around (crowded area) or traveling via local train. Mumbai is fun but little expensive. Know some Marathi words and phrases. And, yes, vada pav is always there for everyone on which you can always depend when you’re starving and want to save money.

Romesh, says: 2020

It isn’t that easy to survive in my city with less than four lakhs per annum. It’s not easy to survive on a single source of income and one should be ready to face huge amount of taxes.

Aakash, says: 2020

anyone who wants to move to Mumbai must consider the high rental rates of the properties. as Mumbai is an island, the land is scarce hence high in demand, therefore prices have skyrocketed. If you do not have a high paying job you will have to compromise with the standard of living you wish to have.

Monika, says: 2020

Know he/she would need to commute a lot for travelling to their office. Most areas in Mumbai are humid, so a cooler doesn’t work, but a table fan works wonders. The rains would come only between June – September only. The hip and the posh area of Mumbai is in the western line only. The lower-middle-class people live far from these areas so as to live in lower rent houses. The flats are very small, i.e., a 1BHK is of 450 sq ft max.

Mumbai is a cosmopolitan and vibrant city. It is the financial capital of India. Many people from other cities of India migrate to Mumbai for work, both in the organised and unorganised sector. Many multinational companies have their head offices in the city. However, real estate is very expensive in the city.

Roopanya, says: 2020

Mumbai is a city of dreams. People come in the search of opportunities. It is very crowded. Things here are bit expensive here compared to rest of india. The apartments are very small for a family to live, the rent for these apartments is sky high. There is always traffic on the roads during business hours. Mumbai is popular for its nightlife. Bollywood is ingrained in it. Many film stars have their lavish houses in the city.

Mumbai city is the place where there are different spices, languages, cultures etc. In Mumbai there are different food and the various snacks such as vada pav is the most popular Mumbaikar food. The price of vada pav is reasonable so that the common people could also afford the price.

Paridhi, says: 2020

People coming to Mumbai should know the travel here is very cheap compared to other cities in Maharashtra. Also, it is important to know, that it is very difficult to find a spacious accommodation in moderate amount and that this city helps you learning to survive with very minimal facilities.

Kishen, says: 2020

The first thing a person moving to Mumbai needs to know, is that real estate is extremely expensive over here. However, whether you’re rich or poor, you will never go hungry in Mumbai as you can feed yourself even with Rs. five in your pocket. The people of Mumbai are very friendly and help is always at hand.

Shreyash, says: 2020

Mumbai is city of dreams. Moving to Mumbai could be your life tuning decision as it offers number of Jobs opportunities with handsome salary. Street food of Mumbai is famous for its quality and taste. Vada pav is not just a street food, it’s emotions. When we talk about Mumbai we can’t forget listing importance of local train, it carries thousands of travellers everyday to their desired station.

Kanzil, says: 2020

Mumbai, though an expensive city, is a very vibrant city, especially for creative people. It is famous for its high energy, which is why is is known as the city that never sleeps. The city welcomes everybody with open arms. The popular saying goes that once you come to Mumbai, you never leave.

Mumbai is one of the most modern cities in India, and one of the safest. If you think of food in Mumbai, on one side it’s cheap and other side too expensive. learn to cook your own food, you will save money and have good health also.

Adjust your expectations of space. Mumbai is a city of more than 20 million people living in, under, and on top of buildings, slum dwellings, tents, temples, and bridges. The city is one of the world’s most crowded, and has some of the world’s most expensive real estate.

Harpreet, says: 2020

Eat vada pav to understand Indian democracy. If Mumbai had an official snack, it would be the vada pav, a bun stuffed with a steaming potato patty. The vada pav’s iconic status rests on that it feeds everyone in Mumbai, at both ends of the social and economic spectrum. It’s quick and cheap.

Abhishek, says: 2020

Anyone visiting Mumbai ought to know the city is has high real estate prices. The higher population density has further aggravated this problem. anyone visiting the city should ascertain prior accommodation arrangement. Once this is done, all other basic necessities are easily taken care of, whether it’s good or travel. One can have a sumptuous meal on as less as 3-4 USD.

Shweta, says: 2020

Someone moving to Mumbai should keep in mind that the city, though large, is quite cramped. The rent is usually sky high for eve tiny apartments. One should be able to adjust in small places comfortably. Life in Mumbai always keeps one on their toes. Someone moving here should be used to travelling by public transport, which is the lifeline of the city.

Auxilia, says: 2020

Anyone moving in to live in Mumbai should know the street foods are amazing and cheap. However, they should be careful when it comes to hygiene of the place they are eating. One should also wear light clothes as summer has just started. Public transportation is the most quickest way to travel during peak hours to save time.

Aditya, says: 2020

Housing cost of Mumbai is very high. Second thing is that he should be comfortable with overcrowding because of dense population. He should be good in travelling the local train as local trains believed to be heart of Mumbai. Become comfortable with walking long distances.

Santhosh, says: 2020

Mumbai moves really fast. It takes experience to get in and out of the local trains in Mumbai. The cost of living in Mumbai is really high but at the same time you can get things at a less expensive rate. The people of the city are helpful and welcoming.

The financial capital of the country, Mumbai, is in Maharashtra. One should secure a well paying job and a place of residence before moving it Mumbai. It is an expensive city. Mumbai is home to a diverse group of people. Thus, it is important to keep an open mind while interacting with others.

Tanish, says: 2020

Be prepared to spend almost half of your life if you choice to stay away from your office in a place where you consider the rent to be nominal. Or be prepared to spend some more money and live near your office, in which case, you will have the time on your hand which would otherwise have been spent on traveling.

Shivanshi, says: 2020

Mumbai is the financial capital of India, a hub for many trades and businesses, since the British invasion. The city is geographically located to the Arabian Sea, with some good beaches to spend a day out. Being one of the biggest and busiest cosmopolitan, the city has well placed transport systems, with local trains, buses and taxis, all at affordable price enabling the city dwellers to commute at ease. English, Marathi and Hindi are widely spoken across the city, while a little knowledge of spoken Hindi would be handy in dealing with local merchants and street side shopkeepers. A very hot and humid place, all year long with good chances of getting a natural tan!

Prashant, says: 2020

Mumbai is a very crowded city with high rents. People residing in Mumbai are very friendly. The street food in Mumbai are very affordable unlike property which is very expensive and not affordable. Mumbai is a city of dreams where people from all the country come to fulfill their aspirations and dreams.

Anjali, says: 2020

It’s a wonderful city with friendly and helpful people. It is extremely safe and once can travel easily even late in the night. Food, transport, connectivity is not a problem at all. In short it is a “city of dreams” Mumbai is expensive compared to other cities in India, however it does offer the convenience and flexibility that people can experience only once they come to Mumbai. Probably that’s one reason why people who come here never want to go back.

Mumbai this city is a city of dream, and it is the financial capital of India. People often come to Mumbai to test their fortune and get their income raised to another level. this city has been home to all the famous Bollywood personalities. You can find everything in Mumbai. It is a city where you can get what you dream off.

Anjali, says: 2020

Before moving you should consider that it is a very crowded place. And people here are very helpful and supportive. The food is awesome as well. and you will get many opportunities for jobs since it is highly one of the developing city. Beside if you thing to live on a rent then it’s quite expense accordingly to the accommodation you need.

A person should be ready to get stuck in traffic and adjust to the bustling city. It’s going to be crowded to the point of suffocation. Housing is quite expensive in the city, Everything spoils easily be it food, clothes or furniture so be ready for extra expenses. Mumbai embraces people from all walks of life.

Cynthia, says: 2020

Mumbai is the financial capital of India. It a metropolis that offers something or the other. The food here is on the go and cheap but living costs are exorbitant. The local trains are the lifeline of this city and one must be aware of the different routes and railway lines to survive in the city.

Rutuja, says: 2020
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