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Cost of Living and Inflation in Ibadan, Oyo: What do you need to know?

26 local experts

Here's what 26 local experts had to say about prices and the cost of living in Ibadan, Oyo.

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To live successfully in Ibadan, you must be ready to work very hard. Don’t live a life of extravagance and keep your savings in a safe place to avoid being trapped in emergency situations. Be friendly with people and avoid keeping bad company because bad company corrupts good manners. Conclusively, always put God first in everything you do.

Ibadan is the intellectual capital of Nigeria, home to the first public and private universities in Nigeria. It is usually called the ‘brown roof city’ because it has many ancient buildings whose zinc roofing sheets have rusted over the years. Ibadan is peaceful, the pace here is slower than many of the surrounding cities. Traffic is not usually an issue. Homes are affordable, you can rent a lovely 2 or 3 bedroom apartment for about a third of what you will pay for the same in neighbouring Lagos. You will certain enjoy living in Ibadan as there are many tourists sites and recreation spots here.

Jeremiah, says: 2020

Ibadan is a quiet, sprawling city with low living costs. The people are friendly to visitors and tourists. There are three universities asking moderately affordable fees. Ibadan is surrounded by towns with farm produce for sale. Tropical fruits and vegetables are sold by smiling women who are generous. All faiths are accepted.

Mazeedah, says: 2020

Ibadan is an ancient, low-cost city in southwestern Nigeria. The social life is well above average with a boisterous nightlife. Transportation is more relaxed than you find in other cities of the world, though the vehicles are mostly rickety. There are a couple of fun places to visit, ranging from gardens to hills and lakes. The most celebrated meal is ‘Amala with Abula’; Amala is simply yam/cassava flour prepared into a mould while Abula is a mixture of Jute leaf soup and beans soup.

Chukwuma, says: 2020

Ibadan has a very serene environment and traffic is minimal. Ibadan has affordable housing and it is considerably a safe place. Ibadan doesn’t have many work and value adding opportunities like Lagos but jobs are readily available if you are qualified. The cost of living in Ibadan is quite affordable.

Deborah, says: 2020

Ibadan, the largest town in Nigeria, is a peaceful city, especially when compared to Lagos. Moving to Ibadan would not be regrettable, as you would certainly enjoy the serene work and living environment which abounds here. It is a wonderful place to raise a family. Also, food items and cost of living in the city is low.

Jefferson, says: 2020

Ibadan, which is Oyo State’s capital, is an ancient city located In the South Western part of Nigeria. It has the Olubadan as its traditional ruler. Cost of living in Ibadan is relatively cost-effective and will be a good choice for one thinking of raising a family here. With strategic plan, you might be able to save more.

Ibadan is the largest city in West Africa and in the Oyo State of Nígeria. Ibadan is very good place to live and things are very cheap to buy here. The house rent is very affordable and it is also a very peaceful city to leave. Ibadan is a very clean city.

Ibadan, the city characterized by brown roofs, is an ancient Nigerian city. The cost of living in Ibadan is relatively cheaper when compared to living in Lagos. It is home to the University of Ibadan and Bodija market: the largest market in Nigeria. I love Ibadan city because it has less hustle and bustle compared to Lagos.

Peculiar, says: 2020

Ibadan is a very big city with many people from all walks of life with different languages residing in it, anyone wishing to reside in my city must be able to speak English language fluently to overcome language barrier. It is rewarding living in my city for the nationals are friendly. The standard of living is very low so you will have to worry about overrated expenses.

Oliver, says: 2020

Anyone moving here should know that it is a crowded place. One good thing about it though is that the standard of living is quite affordable. Like every other place, there are the rural and the urban areas. On an average, it is a good place to start and live small.

Samuel, says: 2020

Any one moving to Ibadan city in Nigeria should know it is a peaceful place with no disturbances whatsoever. A city where the cost of living is not as high as other cities in the country. In terms of relating to people, the Yoruba people are very courteous people and respect is also as important to us.

Daniel, says: 2020

Someone moving to Ibadan should know my city is the biggest in the country and as such it is densely populated, so such person should primarily expect a high cost of living. anyone moving here should be prepared to face the hustle and bustles of a big city.

Eniola, says: 2020

Ibadan is well known for its beautiful historic places. Ibadan is the home to Cocoa House, which is the first skyscraper in Nigeria. She also houses Nigeria’s first university; University of Ibadan. Ibadan is the second largest city in Nigeria. Cost of living in this city is relatively low compared to other high rise cities.

Emmanuel, says: 2020

– Cost of living: The cost of living in the city is quite expensive. My city is a tourist center where people from abroad comes during vacation. The cost of food, houses and clothing are very expensive.
– Good health facilities: There is good health system in my city. The government has also subsidized the cost charged. It is cheaper to access health care system.

Precious, says: 2020

The housing system is affordable, it has a number of tourist attractions, some of which include: The Palms Mall, which is the biggest in West Africa, Agodi Gardens, Ventura, Amala Skye among many others. Transport is cheap and it is easy to find your way around in the city. The city also has some of the best schools around, schools such as Concord and American School of Nigeria equip your child with the best skills they can get from a Nigerian school.

Oghenetega, says: 2020

Ibadan is a very large city in the heart of southwestern Nigeria. If you’re thinking of making it a home, you can survive on a little income due to the low cost of housing and feeding. Nevertheless, you should be prepared to tighten your security because of the obvious high crime rate, especially in recent times.

Esther, says: 2020

Someone moving to Ibadan must know that the standard of living is quite low and hence affordable. It is calm and a good place to settle down. There are not so much jobs around but there is always something you can do to get by each day. If you want to enjoy staying in residence, be financially comfortable first.

Temidayo, says: 2020

Ibadan is a great ancient city and one on the largest cities in Sub-Saharan Africa. you will have access to accommodation at a very cheap price and the cost of eating is also relatively low. If you are a fun lover, you’ll be in the right place as almost daily is fun especially after your working hours. You don’t have to worry about security as people here are accommodating, fun to be with, and peace-lovers.

Adeola, says: 2020

Moving to Ibadan is a great idea for anyone. The cost of living, quality of life, and available infrastructure all make it the best fit, irrespective of your current socioeconomic status. This is in addition to having the premier university in the country and a citizenry that is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Sandra, says: 2020

There’s a very high rate of competition and struggle among people in Ibadan; only the best will be able to stand out. Another thing to note is that, buying things is not expensive and the cost of living is somehow low, which will encourage savings.

Ibadan is a peaceful city, which is popularly referred to as city of brown roof. Goods sold in Ibadan are cheap and houses are affordable to rent. The routes in my city are very easy to access without any trouble. Ibadan is known for his olden days history regarding war.

Nkechi, says: 2020

Anyone moving here should know it is a peaceful city, the second largest city in West Africa. It’s a city with lots of good and fascinating tour sites where knowledge on its preceding culture can be learnt. The cost of living in my city is affordable and low.

Ibadan is one of the biggest cities in Nigeria and very peaceful to live in, we are also known for our cheap foodstuffs which makes living easier and we’re are also known for harbouring the first university in Nigeria (University of Ibadan) and we are also known for having one of the hospital in the country (University college hospital Ibadan).

Esther, says: 2020

Ibadan is the famous city of brown roofs. The city is a friendly abode for the indigenes and visitors. A person moving to Ibadan should know it is not as fast-paced or expensive as Lagos. The cost of living is very low. Like every other city, there are high-brow areas like New Bodija, Oluyole, and Jericho. Ibadan is a fun place as there are tourist spots and robust night entertainment. You don’t need a lot of money before moving to Ibadan.

Ibadan is highly populated, anyone relocating there should consider the negative effect of an overpopulated city which includes traffic congestion and high cost of living as well. Aside from that there are high records of criminal cases making the lives of the citizens within to be in danger.

Temiloluwa, says: 2020
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