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Cost of Living and Inflation in Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte: What do you need to know?

eight local experts

Here's what eight local experts had to say about prices and the cost of living in Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte.

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Our city is peaceful and polluted. Hotels and other resting places are not expensive. People are hospitable and smiles are plastered on their faces whenever you meet or see them. We also have lots of tourist spots even though our place is considered a city. To sum up, our city is a must-visit place.

Lexymae, says: 2020

Cost of living is not quite high compared to other large cities in the country. People in our place are accommodating and friendly to everyone. Lastly, crime rate is low and you will be confident enough to roam around even late at night. Job opportunities also are everywhere just prepare for interview anytime.

Before moving to Butuan City, it is quite a small city, unlike Metro Manila. However, it offers certain advantages that big cities don’t have, such as upscale housing for cheaper rent, availability and easy access to farmer’s markets, and a sense of community. Also, much like a big city, there are a lot of coffee shops and shopping malls to spend your leisure time in. If you are looking for a city that has the peace of rural living and the advantage of an urban setting, Butuan City is the best place for you.

Lilibeth, says: 2020

It’s known as the Timber City of the south and the home of the Balangay. It’s still a developing city. The cost of living is not high.

Nerissa, says: 2020

Butuan City is the tenth richest city in the islands of Mindanao and Visayas, that means you have a place for everything, from wet markets to the biggest of malls. Items sold here are cheap an affordable. Butuan City also offers a lot of resorts and beaches to enjoy and spend time on.

Joshwyn, says: 2020

Butuan City is a rural and peaceful city on the biggest archipelago of the Philippines. It has stable weather and low crime. It is cheap in terms of living expenses. Kind and joyful people reside in this city.

Our city can ensure you to give you a quality life. You will not be burdened by the basic necessities because in our city, we have a lot of affordable housings. Apart from that there are also a cheap price for basic utilities here. Our city has a good quality of education and we also have a university that is free from expenses. And we have here a public transportation like motorcycle and multi-cab available for a cheap price. I can ensure that you will feel safe and comfortable in our city because we have a low crime rate and a community events that put people together.

Janine, says: 2020

Butuan City is a good place to move for someone considering good and affordable living conditions. urban life is developing fast in the city especially with the entry of malls, entertainment centres and other business enterprises. Culturally speaking, Butuan City is the home of balangays and is known for Limasawa, one of the most significant locations in Philippine history.

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