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Living in College Station, Texas:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

eight local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit College Station, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked eight people living in College Station what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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If moving to College Station, know the other university in Austin can’t be named. You should also know not to go to Fuego on Monday mornings. Also, do not go to University Drive during rush hour. Be aware that everything’s maroon, even the originally orange Whataburger sign.

Beverly, says: 2020

Upon making the decision to move to Dallas, one should realize that driving on the highway is terrible. I the morning traffic is horrendous, and in the evening, the amount of people walking on the highway is through the roof. Also, it takes time to acclimate to the downtown, as it is very convoluted.

College Station, Texas mainly revolves around Texas A&M University and it’s extracurricular activities. Our city’s economy depends almost entirely upon the university and the city itself even derives its name from its position upon the nearby railroad line which refers to it for its principle descriptor. Whether you’re a die-hard “Aggie fan” or not, residents here all acknowledge the college as the axis upon which the city revolves.

Cheryl, says: 2020

College Station is a growing college town with over 60,000 students enrolled in the local university. There are also a lot of restaurants and bars in College Station, but not many natural things to see, such as mountains or rivers. The closest lake is in Bryan, which is about 30 minutes away.

Ricardo, says: 2020

Anyone moving to College Station, TX should be prepared to enter into the world of college-town living and year-round celebrations of Texas A&M University and Aggie football. Although the town has its unique and special qualities, such as historic Downtown Bryan, and many local restaurants, such as Blue Baker, much of the town’s excitement and events stem from A&M and its ferociously passionate students and alumni.

College Station is home to the famous Texas A&M University. Countless students reside in the city and are often crowding the grocery aisles. There are not many things to do outside of the university associated activities, but there are 100s of restaurants. College Station is also home to one of the best school districts in Texas.

College Station, nestled in the beautiful Brazos Valley, is a quaint little town northwest of Houston and is home to the acclaimed Texas A&M University. Known as an exceptional city to raise a family, College Station has an ever-increasing population of young families. Its close proximity to Dallas, Austin and San Antonio offer big-city adventures while maintaining daily small town life.

College Station, Texas, is a college town, home to the larger-than-life Texas A&M University. Along with its sister-city, Bryan, the area houses about 200,000 residents. The university provides unique opportunities for arts and athletic events. There is always something to do. Summers, when most students leave town, offer a slower pace of life and reduced traffic. The public schools in College Station are excellent, and crime is low, making the city family friendly. The city offers close proximity to Austin and Houston, which offer even more activities.

Nathan, says: 2020

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