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Living in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

98 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Coimbatore, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 98 people living in Coimbatore what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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98 comments on “Coimbatore”

I personally call Coimbatore heaven. It’s a beautiful city with loveable and respectful people. Weather is moderate all the time. Ooty is nearer to Coimbatore. It has many good educational institutions. Settling in such a city is a dream of many people.

I think you should know that Tamil Nadu is an amazing place to move, especially Coimbatore. if you are a traveler, then it is the place because it has got a very pleasant climate and places to visit around. You could also go on a cool ride if you are bored. There are several historical places as well. This is known for the tourists who visit almost all parts of the year.

Harish, says: 2020

Coimbatore is a city of immigrants. People from all over the country live here. The city is known for its remarkable activities on development. The authority here encourages eco-friendly activities such as using electric based vehicles. The city will always welcomes new people with both hands irrespective of their native region.

Deepak, says: 2020

Coimbatore is one of the metropolitan cities in Tamil Nadu. It may not have a lot of malls and theaters but, it is surrounded by holy Nilgiri hills that provide you with the opportunity to go hiking just fo a cup of tea. It is a quiet city where people from different communities stay together in harmony.

Coimbatore is a Manchester of Tamilnadu. It is a city of business and contributes largely in the states economy. Besides, it is noted for its blissful weather as it is situated near a hill station named Ooty, which 55 Kms from Coimbatore. This city is also famous for cotton mills that make every businessman rich here.

Saurabh, says: 2020

The city I reside in is a wonderful and colorful place, a place for all people alike. We are famous for our peace-loving nature and our kind hearts. A short trip from here takes one to the infamous Isha Yoga Centre where people from all over the world visit to learn the art of yoga.

My city is a cosmopolitan place so its filled with diversity and anyone who knows to learn about different cultures should definitely consider moving to my city. It is rich in traditions and values. It also includes different kinds of cuisine which everybody around the globe would love it and these are some of the reasons why I would highly recommend someone to move to my city.

Shatakshi, says: 2020

Our city is known for its respectful and affectionate people and sweet-tasting water people address even children with a lot of respect. There are many tourist places in Coimbatore and some of them are Kovai Kutralam, Black Thunder, VOC zoo, and so on.

Raksha, says: 2020

My city is a simple but beautiful place. There are three malls which are well known. There are many parks and lakes. The night time scenery is to die for. The people are friendly and there isn’t much pollution. The restaurants serve great Indian food and the chaat sacks are totally worth eating.

Coimbatore is famous for its educational institutions, where students comes from different backgrounds and states. Further, it is near Tirupur which is an impressive textile industry hub. The city also has many locations for sightseeing including many waterfalls, places of worship and the Isha Yoga Centre. It is a wonderful place to study, work and relax!

Moving to Coimbatore can be very exciting. If you enjoy mild summers, a good monsoon shower, and cool weather for six months of the year, then Coimbatore is an ideal choice. Nestled close to Kerala and the beautiful Nilgiri mountains, Coimbatore is blessed to be close to many attractive travel destinations. A cosmopolitan city that combines the traditional feel of the Kongu region. Frequent travels abroad must choose wisely as Coimbatore International Airport is yet to be connected beyond short haul flights but you can rely on Kochi which is just three hours away by road for such a convenience.

Coimbatore can said to be semi-urban or semi rural. It’s also called cotton city and has many looms both power and handloom. It’s called textile city. The weather up here is almost balmy with the Nilgiris mountain to north. If you want to start up a small scale industry it’s a good place for one. The cost of living is not too high and it’s becoming a place for senior citizen homes.

Ganesh, says: 2020

Coimbatore is known for its climate. The climate here is neither sunny nor rainy. Coimbatore has many tourist places like Maruthamalai Temple, Isha Yoga Foundation, etc., The ground is abundant with trees and greeneries. There are enough schools and colleges that lay the foundation for one of the best education system.

Aileen, says: 2020

In Coimbatore, one must know how to navigate their way around the city as our city has many identical roads. When moving to Coimbatore, one must learn how to speak Tamil as it is very useful for day to day activities like interacting with officials, buying groceries, and making friends. One should also consider learning how to drive for your own convenience.

Shagun, says: 2020

Coimbatore is a small, tier-two city. On the foothills of the Western ghats, the city enjoys pleasant climate throughout the year. The cost of living is quite affordable, not as high as a metro city. Numerous recreation spaces like Parks, lakes and malls dot the city. The residents can also enjoy the Siruvani water, supposed to be the best tasting water.

My city have very good Environment. Surrounded by lot of mountains. it is Pollution Free, Cost of living also less compared to other cities. Have lot of IT companies, factories, etc. People here are very friendly. Siruvani water available here is the second tastiest water in the world. Children’s Park, Animals park are present here.

Kamleshwar, says: 2020

Coimbatore is also called ‘The Manchester of South India’. It is enriched with different kinds of industries. It is a welcoming place for anyone who is jobless. A major historical temple, ‘Perur Patteeswarar Temple,’ is in Coimbatore.

Sucheta, says: 2020

Coimbatore struggles with the municipality’s water board and its mismanagement of water supply as some areas do not get water supply due to hills and slopes in the area and breakage in the water pipe-lines which are unsolved till now. Another major factor is the roads which goes to extreme worse to extremely worst during rainy season.

Zainab, says: 2020

If one’s moving here for work, one ought to be careful to address even one’s coworkers with respect because it’s part of the local culture. The city has expanded rapidly over the last decade owing to the growth of IT sector. And this has increased the property prices within the city.

Mohammed, says: 2020

My city, Coimbatore is the best place one could ask for. The best climate in all seasons, moderate development, good career opportunities, and is populated with rich cultured people. The city is so close to the holiday destination, Ooty. this is the place one can dream to have for their residence.

Loveena, says: 2020

Coimbatore is the Manchester of South India as it is famou for textiles. There are many shops selling Kanchipuram and Banarasi sarees. It is the third largest city Tamil Nadu. There are many temples. There are numerous educational institutions. Its famous for Marudhamalai hills and Vellingiri temple. The official language that is spoken is Coimbatore in ‘Tamil’. It is famous for manufacture of motor pumps.

Mohammad, says: 2020

The city has moderate climate. It is industrialized with a lot of textile business units. The city has more number of engineering colleges than any other city in the state of Tamil Nadu. The city is the Manchester of Tamil Nadu due to large number of textile industries. The city is known for its multicultural environment. The city is fed by water from Siruvani river. The quality of water from Siruvani river is one of the best in the world in terms of its softness and taste.

Praveena, says: 2020

When moving to a city like Coimbatore, one should have some knowledge of the cultures practised by people while meeting strangers and having food. Tea is one important drink people have it anytime. They are known for having only some types of food during weekdays. They are friendly and kind to people.

Anindita, says: 2020

Coimbatore is neither hot nor cold. It has moderate climate. My city is famous for green hills, the world’s sweetest Siruvani water. My city has many IT companies and well designed malls to enjoy.

Priyanka, says: 2020

I am from Coimbatore. It’s an amazing area. It is unique, there are many temples like Eachanari Vinayagar temple and Annapoorna foods are popular. There are many best prestigious colleges in Coimbatore. It is important to say that it is an peaceful city. There is a big statue of lord Shiva in Isha which has become a tourist spot in recent times.

Priani, says: 2020

Coimbatore is a quaint city in south of India. There is a lot of cultural history surrounding it, and there are many tourist attractions. One important thing to know for anyone moving to Coimbatore is that it is a highly populated city. There is a lot of traffic on most days, and it can get stifling for anyone not used to crowds. On the positive note, there are quite a few opportunities to socialize with the locals and taste some of their well-known dishes.

Govind, says: 2020

Coimbatore is good place for those who like changing or varying climatic conditions. For those who consider moving to coimbatore must know to adapt to the variable climate because there will be both hot and coldness in the same day. Day will be more hotter likewise night will be extremely cold.

Anupama, says: 2020

The City that I live in is known for its welcoming people. If you would consider to move in, the only thing that you need to know is that the people are warm and you could easily get any kind of help. Coimbatorians are known for their way of talking with respect.

Coimbatore, well known as the Manchester of the South, is a beautiful city that is crowned by The Western Ghats. With Siruvani, the world’s second tastiest water, Coimbatore is quite clean. A city with pleasant weather, well reputed educational institutions, world class medical facilities is just perfect for any one moving to. There are multiple jobs available, picturesque natural beauties to be ventured in the city.

Crista, says: 2020

If anyone moves to Coimbatore, they must know of its climatic conditions. It has an early summer starting from February until the mid of May. Later it will be mostly rainy and predominantly cold. anyone who is not used to cold climatic conditions should think twice before relocating to Coimbatore.

Surajit, says: 2020

Coimbatore is The Manchester of South India. Water from the foothills of Siruvani is renowned as tastiest water to be consumed. Coimbatore has a complete balance of industries like agriculture and cotton industries. The weather of city is pleasant as it is in the end of Deccan plateau.

Sajeev, says: 2020

The city that I live in is a quaint little town. It has all the makings of a city but drive to the outskirts a little and you will be rewarded with the most beautiful scenery with big mountains, moderately dense forests, and cloudy skies and waterfalls that are magnificent to look at.

Amandeep, says: 2020

A person moving to Coimbatore should know there are plenty of educational institutions here to acquire quality learning and equip themselves with the necessary skills. Secondly, the climate will be mild throughout the year, not too hot or not too cold. It is quite a clean city with lush greenery that provides pure oxygen. Next, the standard of living is not very high here and would be feasible for every middle class person. Most of the prime modes of transport are available in the city.

Surabhi, says: 2020

Coimbatore is a city well known for its textiles. There are so many textile groups flourishing in there. People are well versed in textile designing and it has drawn a lot of people towards it. Coimbatore also is known for its empowerment in the educational sector. I really love to stay in Coimbatore.

Ramnath, says: 2020

Coimbatore is the third-largest city and one of the industrialized cities in Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore is known as the “Manchester” of south India. It is also famous for “Textiles”. At a time when women’s safety in the country has been discussed in depth, Coimbatore has topped the list of safest cities in the country for women in India on TOI (Times of India).

Coimbatore is best known for its climate. It is also known as Kovai and one of the major cities of Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore is called Manchester of South India and is famous for textiles. Few examples are Kanchivaram, Benaras and Designer sarees. It is a city of serendipity, untouched tranquility and people with utmost love and respect.

Coimbatore is well known for its good atmosphere. It is a smart city; where people will feel free with everything that they have. It is a green city too, where people can lead a healthy life. There are more opportunities to the people for their livings. The city is surrounded by the Hill stations where people could make them entertained whenever they want.

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, has a climate that is moderate and good, also around my city we are gifted with plenty of dams, falls, agricultural cultivation, etc. many people migrated here for residence. Here lots of industries and companies are there so unemployability is no. many people are working peacefully here.

Coimbatore is a small city in the state of Tamil Nadu. It’s widely known for its rice mills and textile industries. The people of Coimbatore lead a quiet and calm lifestyle as opposed to their counterparts in metropolitan cities of the state. It’s notable that the Isha yoga Centre which flaunts the largest bust sculpture in the world is in the outskirts of the city.

Poongodi, says: 2020

Coimbatore is popularly known as “Manchester of South India.” We can enrich ourselves in Coimbatore with lots of spiritual journeys and spend lots of time and money, using less energy. Coimbatore has an active street food culture and various cuisine options for dining. The climate of the city is Tropical and humid all year, becoming the hottest march to May, The rainy monsoon season is October to November.

Mayengbam, says: 2020

Coimbatore is well known for its attractive climate and its natural beauty. It is also famous for its “the second tastiest water in the world”- siruvani. There a lot of tourist spots available around the city where one could have a good time of his lifetime. Coimbatore is also well known for its educational reputation. The most famous institutions like PSG, Kumaraguru, Stanes are within the city limits. It is well known for its weaving and spinning mills since from British colonization.

Ashwin, says: 2020

Coimbatore is in the west of Tamil Nadu, India. My city name is Coimbatore. It is famous for its climate and known as the Manchester of South India as Coimbatore has been the home for various textile industries. Ooty which is the famous hill station in Tamil Nadu is closer to Coimbatore.

Jadvinder, says: 2020

Coimbatore is unique for three things: One is the climate, which will be moderate always. The other one is The respect, given to the people, the new one can feel that by heart. And the last one is The sweet Siruvani water. These three things can impress the people who are new to my city.

Nikita, says: 2020

Coimbatore is known for its natural beauty. The people who are about to come here will enjoy the cool breeze that will be blown throughout the year. Our lifespan increases as there is no pollution. There are lot of employment opportunities here. Ooty is a well-known place to everyone that our city comprises.

Coimbatore is the third-largest city and one of the industrialized cities in Tamil Nadu. Popularly known as the textile capital and commonly known as the Manchester of India. Due to the growing industries and home to top-notch academic institutions, Coimbatore has emerged as the best city. Especially, students and working professionals prefer to stay in areas which are affordable and provide good facilities.

Nikita, says: 2020

Coimbatore is commonly known as Manchester of South India. Coimbatore is shortly called Covai which is famous for jewelry, wet grinders, pump motors and numerous Engineering Colleges. It also has many famous temples, museums, hill stations like Ooty, Kodaikanal etc. Agricultural activities, poultry farming is famous in Coimbatore.

Manikantan, says: 2020

Coimbatore is a city where people give respect out of their own culture. The cost of living in this city is also moderate. Coimbatore has some of the best educational institution for both schooling and for higher education. The workplace are mainly based on the industrial side that is of machinery industry. The hotels in Coimbatore are mostly well hygienic and worth the go. In total environment is worth the living in the city.

Coimbatore is popularly known as Manchester of South India, due to its richness in textile industries. Coimbatore is also famous for motor pump industries. Coimbatore has pleasant weather throughout, as it is geographically well at the foothills of Nilgiris. But if you need a break it’s easy to drive to the mountains or backwaters of Kerala, and find a quiet place to relax. Coimbatore has changed a lot in the last two decades – it has expanded both physically and economically. Unfortunately, the cost of living has also gone up a lot! However, the soul of the city is still there. Coimbatore will always be Coimbatore.

Gomathi, says: 2020

Coimbatore is a city which is hailed by people from different states and regions. The climate in the city would be great throughout the year. The people here interact with others in a cordial manner. Many industries and professions are well established in the city. The life in Coimbatore will be smooth. It is less polluted when compared to other metro cities.

Manish, says: 2020

It is very useful to more to Coimbatore city. There are a lot of jobs and opportunities to gain there. At the same time a being as a commercial ground Coimbatore city is also good with its culture and vegetation. There are beautiful parks. There are lots of malls.

Pankhuri, says: 2020

it is in Tamil Nadu. it is such a big city. it is the 2nd big city in Tamil Nadu. here, many famous tourist places are located. many tourists have enjoyed here. and off course, it is a very cool city. There are many hill stations are here. They have more temples.

Shubham, says: 2020

Being noted as the Manchester of south, Coimbatore is also a city well known for temples too. it has numerous educational institutions and students from all over India visit coimbatore to pursue their higher studies. Even student community from certain countries are curious and have a passion to pursue their research in our city since it is very well known its infrastructure and resources.

If you start your conversation in Hindi or English, you end up with the conversation in Tamil, even in shopping malls like Brookfields and Fun republic malls. If you can’t learn the language drop the plan. Forget traffic rules, they are going to drive you crazy so that you will never drive for rest of your life. Finally, to the nicer part: Food, clothing, house, maid service etc are fine and cheaper here for you.

Divyesh, says: 2020

Coimbatore is a city of peace and greenery. The people are very friendly over here. You can be sure that your stay here will be good. Although it is not as big and modern as our state capital Chennai, it is a mid-developed city. The resources are plenty here. You don’t have worried at the least to move here.

Aishwarya, says: 2020

Coimbatore is second largest city in the South of Tamil Nadu, known for its industries and it is the largest exporter of jewellery. The language spoken by most people is Tamil. It’s also known as ‘Kovai’. It has a hot semi-arid climate. Though it is known as traditional city, we consider it cosmopolitan.

Hashid, says: 2020

The people of my city are very polite and courteous. The climate here is less sunny. Traffic in my city is less compared to the metropolitan cities. The cost of living here is also comparatively less. Here there are many good educational institutions. During winter the weather is very pleasant.

Manavatha, says: 2020

Coimbatore is very rich in flora and fauna. It is called the Manchester of India. Many elderly people are attracted to settle here because of the salubrious weather of this place. There is a very popular Lord Muruga temple in Marudamalai hills. This place is known for small scale foundries.

Eatala, says: 2020

Coimbatore has excellent surroundings to travel and explore, and the people are sweet and kind to others. The city is a fast developing cities in India. The climate is cool and good for anyone across the globe to accommodate easily. Siruvani, one of world’s best drinking water is here. The city offers various Business opportunities, so this is a great place our life and I love it here.

Pervin, says: 2020

The starting letter “C” of my city means a lot, with its highlights as climate, culture, cotton, college and so on. The Academic hub attracts people from all over the country to pursue their studies. It’s a largest exporter of jewellery, wet grinder etc., which makes the increase in employment opportunities. It marks its name in automobile industries too by sourcing 30% of components for Maruti and Tata motors.

If a person wishes to move to my city, certainly that’s a good decision. My city is a very beautiful and peaceful place… It has so many colleges and schools in and around. Many historical places and temples are in my city. Since it is in the border of Kerala, the climate is always lovely.

Prayag, says: 2020

Coimbatore city has very pleasant weather and receives a good amount of rainfall during both the South West and North East monsoon seasons. It is well connected by road and has an international airport. There are a couple of shopping malls and the food scene is very vibrant. The cost of living in this city is slightly higher than other cities within the same state.

Before one stranger from another country or city embrace my native city, know the present scenario of the city along with the dignified positive aspects and blemishing bad aspects of the existing city. It would be shrewd tactfulness if the respective person get familiarized with the ostentatious sides of the city, so that he/she can lead a cheerful future in the city and can presciently take a decision to cope up with the accosted aspects of the city.

Aravind, says: 2020

People should know the living expenses before moving to the city. Rather than that our city is well developed smart city with variety of cultures and traditions. One should also keep in mind that, there might be cultural differences which one should be able to adjust and move on.

Jahnawi, says: 2020

The city was ranked the best emerging city in India in the 2014 annual Indian city survey. Coimbatore is the 6th largest metropolis in South India at present. It is the second largest city in the state after Chennai. It is famous for its climate, but expensive than a metro city. Relaxation and peace are the two things that we expect from the place we stay and Coimbatore offers this exact combination.

Shruti, says: 2020

Coimbatore is a beautiful city, where number of tourism places are there. It was an industrial city with lot of IT companies. People living there are very kind. Coimbatore contains three shopping malls and a town hall area to shop products of best quality for least price. Water from siruvani is famous here.

Coimbatore city is also known an the “Manchester of Tamil Nadu.” Industries of variant types are located here. There are a lot of jobs available with high ranging pay. A lot of jobs are available in the IT sectors those who are graduates. Getting the basic necessities is ease with hard work.

Coimbatore is one of the beautiful places in India and Coimbatore has covered with western ghats. Coimbatore has a petty good climate and people in Coimbatore really enjoys the climate. Coimbatore is called Manchester of South India. People along India will love to live in India. Coimbatore has so many things to explore.

Neelesh, says: 2020

Coimbatore is well known as the “Manchester of Tamil Nadu”. It is a place of peace where people can relax themselves by admiring the nature and culture of Coimbatore. Definitely it is a best place for students and retired citizens who can proceed their life peacefully with whole hearted inner peace.

This city is the Manchester of South India where you can enjoy moderate climate throughout the year. This is the place where you can see many engineering colleges and known for its publicity. Asia’s second tastiest river namely Siruvani is located here. It has many places to visit such as Marudhamalai Murugan Temple, Monkey Falls, Black Thunder etc.

Michael, says: 2020

I reside in Coimbatore and it is well known for its hospitality. We have the best educational institutions in the state and lot of the students from various states choose to study here. This is the right choice for the people who are fond of shopping and exploring. We also have many multi-specialty hospitals so without any doubt this is the best place to move on for safe and peaceful life.

Coimbatore is a city which has soul soothing climate and environment. One who decides to move to this city will enjoy the days here. It is a city which has highly recommended hospitals and most esteemed educational institutions. People here would have jobs in various sectors. It is also known for places of worship irrespective of religion. The places of worship here were built during ancient times. Totally, Coimbatore is a heaven.

Coimbatore is known for its technical development and variety of cultures. One moving to this city should consider the living expense, as it is the second largest metropolitan city in South India. Settling down in a new city, one must know the jobs and the availability of resources, in case of business. The climate is pretty cold even during normal days. On a whole, the city is best for one who has a decent flow of money.

George, says: 2020

Coimbatore is famous for many industries. If one concerns about their employment, they can visit here to get a good profession. The culture is very good and the citizens behave well and good. One wants to explore a lot, they can also visit here.

Faizan, says: 2020

Coimbatore is meant for availability of Education facilities with lot many Colleges, Universities in and around. and it’s meant for its taste of The Water. It’s also meant for the Slang of Tamil Language and the discipline of the people. Coimbatore is with lot of Entrepreneurship opportunities and rightly called Manchester of South India.

Our city is famous for clothes and textile companies, where you can get tshirts for lower prices than any other city in India, so only it is called “small japan”, and called Manchester of South India. and it’s also famous for educational institutions like engineering and medical institutions.

Vinveli, says: 2020

Coimbatore is a beautiful place where everyone can enjoy the culture but is being followed by every individual in the City. Coimbatore is also known for the traditional and for the water. people who come to coimbatore to enjoy their vacation from other countries can experience a beautiful memories and moments.

Nikunj, says: 2020

There is a lot of travelling places in my city. And there is shopping malls and theatres and fun places etc. Here the people are so good and peaceful places much. Parks and museum and zoo and waterfalls are all lovable.

Coimbatore is my city, it’s known as “Manchester of south India” and is hardware capital. It is known as educational hub of Tamil Nadu. It’s climate makes you fall in love with it also it is surrounded by Western ghats. Coimbatore is a place for varied culture and its people are warm and adorable.

Coimbatore is at the foothills of Western ghats, thus making the climate cool and breezy. Just like any typical Tamilian city, you can find numerous God Subramanya Temples. You can go trekking here. I am afraid there is no beach here but there is a lake which has a wonderful view.

Kartik, says: 2020

Coimbatore is the second largest city in the Tamil Nadu, after Chennai. The city is close to the Siruvani waterfalls. This city is a textile based on. My city is at the foothills of Nilgiris. With the peaceful atmosphere, green lushes and pleasant atmosphere. coimbatore is well known for cotton textiles, automobile spares and aluminium industry.

Arpita, says: 2020

Living in a metropolitan city has its own advantages. In addition my city has a unique feature in comparison with other metropolitan cities in possessing both typical metropolitan features and beautiful natural aspects to adore. One of the highlights of the city is the city excels as one of the industrial hubs in our state.

Coimbatore is one of the smart cities in india. In coimbatore there are no. of small scale industries where placed these makes the city known as “south Indian Manchester”. the city is surrounded by hills which placed between next state and Kerala. It is a wonderful place to visit during the vacation periods.

Coimbatore is a place filled with tradition and culture. Coimbatore is a place where people love the climate and the food. The taste of coimbatore food is mesmerizing and healthy. People in coimbatore is very humble and genuine. Coimbatore is filled with beautiful places to visit and many events to enjoy.

Subhash, says: 2020

Coimbatore is the one of the coolest and safest city in the world. This city surrounded by the hills which shows nature of the city. The people are so simple and humble. Actually Coimbatore is monsester of South India. Major part of pumps and motors manufacturing in this city.

Coimbatore, the Manchester of south India, is well known not only for industrial sector but also for higher education. Wide variety of educational institutions focusing on unique career oriented programmes are available for students. Lot of students across the country and even abroad reach here for Master’s and Doctorate as well.

Surajit, says: 2020

Coimbatore is the Educational Hub of Tamil Nadu with famous Engineering and other educational institutions like PSG Tech, CIT, GCT, KCT, Krishna, RamaKrishna, Avinashilingam and more. Coimbatore is surrounded by Hill stations and it’s just an hour or couple we can reach places like Ooty, Valparai, Munnar, Anaikatti, Nelliyampathy and Kotagiri, You wish to have a tea take your bike, go to Ooty to have a tea and Enjoy natural bliss. World’s second sweetest water Siruvani. Coimbatore is one of the best places to invest in your start up with creative ideas, the city was awarded for most growing enterprises. Anuvavi Subramaniyar temple in Thadagam road is said to be a part of mountain which fell down while Lord Hanuman was carrying sanjeevani mountain. Coimbatore tops the list of safest places for women in India.

Akshay, says: 2020

Coimbatore is one of the metropolitan cities in India. It has many places that attract tourists. It is famous for its Electrical pump manufacturing. River Siruvani is the main source of drinking water. It has many famous colleges for example, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, PSG College of Technology, PSG College of arts and sciences etc.

Rainy season is for six month in my city, so better come with a raincoat and an umbrella or else be ready to stay in home. My city has a special the best variety of food in India so we can taste multiple variety ranging from non veg to veg.

Coimbatore is known for its climate, culture and cuisine. It’s one of the best places to live in South India. The city is a boiling pot of many cultures put together. The people are extremely polite and helpful. The place is a mix of both urban and rural giving one the taste of both.

Rosain, says: 2020

Coimbatore is a small city but is gradually turning into a cosmopolitan. anyone moving here would find both the sides of a coin. It’s a pleasant place and create a life for oneself as it’s hot the best climate and water in South India. It’s best for now it’s culture and food that’s been passed on for generations.

Princeton, says: 2020

You must have a vehicle for transport. There are many universities and schools with high quality of education. We have uninterrupted power supply in our city There is no problem in basic supply needs and the only thing needed to survive is money.

Harshal, says: 2020

Coimbatore is the city filled with culture and warm welcoming people. There are number of schools and colleges which provide best education. And it is also one of the best tourist attraction. It is filled with rich flora and fauna which delights our eyes and mind. You can taste the best mouth watering food in my city. Last but not the least Coimbatore has become a home for many people from different parts of the world.

Coimbatore is one of the amazing places to live in India. It is a developing city with a touch of the beautiful countryside. I can never get enough of sunrises and sunsets. This place is a heaven on Earth. It is surrounded by the incredible western ghats that shower us with rain and gives us Siruvani, the second sweetest water in the world! The people and their language are filled with love and respect. You will never be able to leave Coimbatore after moving in. There are so many hill stations in and around Coimbatore that are perfect for a weekend road trip.

Renuka, says: 2020

Coimbatore is unique place. completely different from other state and districts of Tamil Nadu. It’s different in everything such as it had different culture, climate, very good people behavior and cost of living is less. Coimbatore is also called “Manchester Of South India”. Quality of work and products are genuine.

Simran, says: 2020

Coimbatore is a wonderful city. Most often, people refer to it as an educational hub. This is certainly true for one can find numerous educational institutions in almost every major street. The city is known for its pleasant weather, and generous people. However, one should keep in mind that the cost of living in Coimbatore can be quite expensive when compared to other cities in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Yogitha, says: 2020

People who are likely to move to Coimbatore must consider the perfectly balanced weather condition and the water resource. The cost of living is pretty decent compared to other metropolitan cities in Tamil Nadu. It is easier to start a business in Coimbatore because of the current market.

Sowjanya, says: 2020

Coimbatore is a city in the district of Coimbatore, State of Tamil Nadu in India. Coimbatore is surrounded by western ghats and is known as the Manchester of India, denoting the industrial value it has. Coimbatore is also in the bank of a rivers. The city has a pleasant climate and you can feel the breeze even during summer. The city is administered by Corporation of Coimbatore, headed by the Mayar. Mayors are elected in an democratic way through election for a term of five years.

Shweta, says: 2020

Coimbatore, is one of the cities in Tamil Nadu that still has the nature alive. Even though, the city is developed with factories and more companies, it does not lose it’s green. Also, our city is the one among the many cities which still follow the tradition and culture of Tamil Nadu.

Sushila, says: 2020

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