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Living in Chittagong, Bangladesh:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

11 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Chittagong, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 11 people living in Chittagong what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Chittagong is one of the largest cities in Bangladesh. It plays a vital role in the economy of Bangladesh. It is a very beautiful city. There are many attractive places: Vatiyari, Potenga Sea Beach, Chittagong University, BGC Trust, Avoy Mitra Ghat, are some of them. Chittagong has the largest sea port of Bangladesh.

Mohammad, says: 2020

Chittagong plays a vital role in the Bangladesh economy. The education system of Chittagong is similar to that of rest of Bangladesh. Here people are very friendly. They are foodie people. The Chittagong Medical College Hospital is the largest state owned hospital in Chittagong. Transport of Chittagong is similar to that of the capital, Dhaka. A substantial share of Bangladesh’s national GDP is attributed to Chittagong.

Langoljam, says: 2020

Chittagong is the second largest city of Bangladesh and it is known as port city of the country. It stands out for its largest sea beach in the world. It is called Cox’s-bazar. There is an international airport in Chittagong. tourists from all over the world can visit Chittagong through this airport.

Tanjeel, says: 2020

Chittagong, is one of the most important economic zones in Bangladesh. It is port city. Therefore, there is a huge amount of jobs in my city.

The place is a hilly area. The place is full of new opportunities to start your career. Know Bengali or English to communicate with the local people here. There are many ways of transport; it is also a port city. There are many tourist attractions in the city and the food is also mouth-watering.

Rehuma, says: 2020

Chattogram is a very beautiful city in Bangladesh. This city is peaceful and calm. Anyone can have a good job in this city and can live with peace. This city has world’s largest sea beach called Cox’s Bazar. People of this city are very simple. anyone who wants to come in this city will feel very good in this city.

Rehuma, says: 2020

Chittagong is the port city of Bangladesh, and is home to the world’s longest sea-beach, Cox’s Bazaar. Its citizens are a diverse set of people, with various tribes of ethnic people in the hill tracts. Chittagong is famous for its hospitality, so expect to receive a massive amount of love from the people if you choose to visit this city.

Mohosin, says: 2020

Chittagong is a port city of Bangladesh, which has been showered with handful blessings from mother nature. It’s a busy city after the capital of the country. The city is blessed with mountains. beaches. lakes. And the food is the main part of this city. many varieties of unique food here that will lighten up the taste buds of any person even if he is not a foodie.

Oishee, says: 2020

Chittagong is the 2nd largest city in Bangladesh. Chittagong city is known for its hospitality and for famous food. In Chittagong, you can find the world’s best beef curry. In Chittagong, you can also see the biggest unbreaking beach in the world which is called Cox’s Bazar. There are a lot more natural beauty you can see if you come to Chittagong.

Look for renting places in less flood prone areas like Hillview, O.R. Nizam road or Sugandha. These are located almost at the centre of the city which will give you easy access to hospital, pharmacies, shops or malls. Get your own bicycle or a motorcycle (if you have a license) from stadium shops for easier travel around the city. Buy fresh produce from local bazaars like kornofuli market in sholoshohor or bohadderhaat. You can visit the local markets in chawkbazar or anderkilla for cheaper yet good quality clothes, bags or any necessities. Shop for reasonable priced electronics in New market or GEC. Beware of being conned at any shops for higher prices. Stay alert in crowded places lest you get pickpocketed or robbed.

Najifa, says: 2020

Chittagong is the port city of Bangladesh, and is filled with beautiful beaches. In fact, it proudly houses the longest sea beach in the world, Cox’s Bazaar. Chittagonian people are very hospitable, and may come off as extravagant. Even though they are a little boisterous, they’re good at heart and will put their guest’s comfort and wellbeing above all.

Shahnaz, says: 2020

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