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Living in Cairo, Egypt:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

47 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Cairo, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 47 people living in Cairo what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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47 comments on “Cairo”

You will need to be careful because people in Cairo are not as friendly as they look. The city is full of noise everywhere you go. The only good thing you might find in Egypt is that in a few well-known restaurants, you will find some delicious food.

Cairo is a strategically placed city. As we say in Arabic, it was built by a candy maker. Visiting the country of Egypt as a historical tourist means that you have to start with Cairo. The Nile and its river boat trips “Feluka”, the pyramids and the Sphinx, old Cairo “Fustat” with its pottery shops and the Egyptian museum are the main attractions to be covered. If you are looking for cultural attractions, you will find an event every single night of the week. Eating out is specially enticing and a fest for your taste buds. I just love my beautiful Cairo.

Haajar, says: 2020

My city is huge, diversified and historical. It has a huge population if compared to other neighbouring countries. It is full of historical sites from different eras from pharaohs to Roman and islamic. My city is full of opportunities, you can be whatever you want to be. Although there are some negativity but my country will always be in my heart.

Mahmoud, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Cairo should be warned that it really is a city that never sleeps. It is a crowded, busy, loud city that is so full of life at all hours of the day. It also knows only two season: summer and winter, so pack accordingly.

Fatema, says: 2020

My city is beyond attention-grabbing to those who live on the other side of the world. Once you first step in it you will feel how cozy everything is. However, there is something of paramount importance that should be known to anyone thinking of paying my city a visit: it is SUPER CROWDED! People are always on the go and the streets are always crammed with cars, automobiles, and other means of transportation. Thus, you should get ready for any errand you have a lot earlier than the set time just to be able to meet the deadline or reach your destination. In other words, to be punctual, you have to do push your schedule ahead.

Yasmin, says: 2020

It is a good idea to visit Cairo, it is a big city with nice people and plenty of things you can do, you can visit the pyramids, many temples and museums. You can visit the Tower of Cairo, the Giza zoo, you can also try many unique Egyptian meals that everybody likes.

They need to be aware of the warm weather. The weather is hot throughout the year and the city’s capital has no beaches. However, Cairo has amazing juice bars, where delicious fresh-pressed juice is served. despite the hot weather, there are always open chairs and tables to sit down at, for a mouth-watering drink.

Someone moving here should know it could possibly have the most dangerous roads on Earth. He/she should also know that haggling is a necessity to get the best possible price for any product. He/she must also know that some areas are just not suited to cater for foreigners due to the lack of English speaking or foreign speaking nationals in the working class. One should also consider living in a place like Maadi, where there are a large proportion of English speakers.

Cairo is a crowded city with a dense population. You should have a device with GPS to move around the city easily. Recently there have been many bridges and new routes. That’s why GPS is crucial for a newcomer. Finally, having something useful to engage in while driving will be awesome to overcome wasting time due to traffic congestion.

Yasser, says: 2020

Cairo is an incredible city, but an especially challenging place to manage for the lone foreigner. The main language used in daily affairs is Arabic, so it would be useful to have an electronic means of translation available. Also, traffic is horrendous, so don’t expect to arrive anywhere on time, or for others to be punctual either.

Mohamed, says: 2020

Cairo, Egypt, is the largest town in the Middle East. Many Muslims and Christians live along in Cairo. There are many mosques and churches. Cairo is understood to be the capital of judgment. The weather of Cairo is usually fine all year. Many new communities are being engineered currently at Cairo, to soak up 1,000s of individuals.

The largest town in the Middle East. Many Muslims and Christians live along in Cairo. There are many mosques and churches. Cairo is understood to be the capital of judgment. The weather of Cairo is usually fine all year. Many new communities are being engineered currently at Cairo, to soak up 1,000s of individuals.

Kyrillos, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Cairo, Egypt should consider the everlasting traffic jam and super packed streets. It also won’t be easy getting used to how super friendly people are. However, It is such a beautiful and somehow peaceful city in terms of how pure people’s intentions are with you.

Living in Cairo is such a remarkable experience. It is a very beautiful breathtaking city. For me, it is a sleepless city due to how people always having fun and spending a great time at the Nile river watching its great spell. We have everything anyone could wish for.

Mahmoud, says: 2020

Living in Cairo, Egypt, is NOT easy. Anyone moving here should know that. There’s not good enough education. That means you have to study and restudy your materials using the internet; or any source which isn’t government related. Second, I know social hierarchy is a thing but it is emphasized way out of ordinary shape here. Meaning, if you’re a middle-class student looking to do some part-time job to earn some extra cash, you most probably are going to end up looked upon as another person going down the social hierarchy. Third, males are predominant here. Women’s rights aren’t absolutely met. It sucks.

He should know the society is a little bit conservative. It could be also a parental one. Some social ways of interaction between people are not accepted. kissing between males and females is a common example of this. One more thing to know is that people tend to keep their traditions.

Mariam, says: 2020

Cairo is the biggest city in Africa and very crowded with people. There are a lot of mosques and churches that must be visited and archaeological sites are to be visited. It is well- known as the capital of Pharaohs. It has very good weather all year.

Yasmine, says: 2020

Cairo has Cairo Tower which is one of the tallest towers in the world. My city has a lot of important places like the Auc. Cairo is the capital of Egypt. Cairo is a great destination for tourists. Cairo has the oldest and largest film and music industries in the Arab world.

It’s an insanely bustling city which can be irritating and nerve-wracking at times. However, its people are the most welcoming, amiable people they can possibly meet. Undoubtedly, history is one of the major features Cairo is known for, so there’s too many places they can enjoy going to in a warm, nice weather.

Abdelhamid, says: 2020

Cairo is the capital of Egypt. Cairo is full of traffic but it has heavenly places to visit, like The Great Pyramids of Giza, Cairo Tower and El- Moez Street. It’s so cool and breezy at night, full of restaurants that have different cuisines. Cairo is an Islamic city that has lots of Mosques and Coptic sites.

Hamada, says: 2020

Any foreigner should know the weather and climate in Cairo. Also, I would not recommend learning the standard Arabic language but instead learn the local Egyptian version of Arabic, as it’s drastically different from the standard version. Asking an Egyptian friend to teach them the most helpful Egyptian phrases would be very useful.

She or he has to know the weather is frankly hot in Summer and that we have traffic jams a lot. They also need to learn Arabic and know how to communicate with people. Prices also differ from a store to another just like anywhere else; there are more than one way to arrive anywhere, so you don’t need to worry about what means of transportation you will be taking.

Before moving to Cairo, a foreigner should know the socioeconomic, cultural, and spatial differences between Cairo’s various regions. As the largest city in Egypt with a metropolitan population of over 20 million people, Cairo is an extremely dense city that experiences the challenges and trappings urban sprawl. While the Westernized, rich minority mainly reside on the recently developed desert fringes, the bulk of the middle and lower classes live in the metropolitan center near the Nile River.

The most important piece of advice I have is to skip the bazaars, as they not only inflate the price of pieces of junk but also pressure the would be victim into buying their wares with cheap tactics. Have a guide with you since this is one of the cheapest places on earth if you know where to look.

Cairo is a huge city. Depending on where you are coming from, it can be very difficult to adjust. A newcomer should be able to speak some Arabic (Egyptian dialect is better) to complete daily tasks and maintain some sense of independence. One should be very patient, as it can take time adjusting to any new city. One should also bring their favorite earplugs, as most areas in central Cairo are very loud.

Cairo is a metropolitan city, where you can find all types of living standards. It’s a big city with many types of population, including nationals and foreigners. Cairo contains historical places, parks, museums, residential complexes, in addition to international universities and new areas.

Moving to the largest city in the Arab world; Cairo, is extraordinary. You will get to visit historic and tourist places, and you will get to experience the modern life; it’s fascinating in its own way. Not to mention, the generosity and love you will witness from Egyptians, you will feel like home and feel welcomed wherever you go.

Cairo is a beautiful city and one of the most breathtaking cities that they will ever visit in their lives. They can visit the pyramids in Giza which are very close to Cairo. There are a lot of museums as well. However, Cairo is a very crowded and noisy city.

Hamada, says: 2020

Cairo is a tourist and cultural hub. It brings together the uniqueness of ancient Egypt and the advancement of modern day Egypt. Tourists visiting the city must brace themselves for a once in a lifetime experience. The divine food, the melodic music, the celebrated landmarks, and the overall hospitality will transfer the tourists to a whole new world.

The most important thing for someone planning on moving to Cairo to consider is its own blend of hot dry weather and polluted air. Most of the year the weather is too hot and there is smog that can easily irritate any healthy lung, not to mention people suffering from any respiratory illnesses.

Anyone moving to Cairo shouldn’t worry as they’ll easily find a place to stay with an affordable price. There are many jobs in almost every field of job. People are so friendly you’ll soon feel like home. Also, all services needed are provided in every area in the city.

Yasmine, says: 2020

Cairo is the capital of Egypt, where most of the egyptian people live, it’s always crowd and never sleeps, Cairo has many malls and a lot of places. The river nile is one of the places anyone should passby if he or she ever visited Cairo. The Grand Egyptian museum is a must to visit and it is in Tahrir square.

It’s a very populated city. It has a lot of ancient spots. It’s hard to find a decent job here. Living in this city will be a very challenging experience an I think it will benefit you a lot. You can easily make a lot of friends here the people are friendly and welcoming.

Anyone moving here should know the cultural differences and should consider that there are large crowds of people almost everywhere. They should also consider paying visits to exquisite monuments and landmarks in Egypt and try out amazing delicious and occasionally fatty food last thing anyone who comes to Egypt should know the nature of its weather.

Cairo is tremendously big. It’s terribly busy day and night. Fortunately, everything is cheap. You can live on 500 USD a month. You will enjoy beautiful weather as it’s sunny more than six months a year. It has great civilization. There are a lot of sightseeing and long beaches. Other than good weather, you will enjoy the delicious dishes.

Lamiaa, says: 2020

If you move to Cairo, know how to bargain. Bargaining is a way of life. People on the streets would ask you for money, do not give them any money unless you intend to give some to everyone else they get along with them. Make sure you know how to drive really well. I recommend you get a driver, though.

Mohamed, says: 2020

Know about traffic. It can get pretty crowded. Most of my foreign friends found that to be a bit difficult to deal with. Also, the weather on summer days can be too hot. Most people in my city spend summer outside; they often travel north – the coastal cities- where the weather is bearable.

Abdelhamid, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Cairo should know the city is huge, chaotic and noisy. Despite the many challenges Cairo faces, however, it is a fascinating place to spend a longer period of time in. There are a range of interesting historical sites and neighborhoods to visit such as Islamic Cairo or the Great Pyramid of Giza on the city’s outskirts. A further fact to consider when moving to the capital is that the city never sleeps.

Egypt’s capital Cairo is a huge and sprawling city in North Africa with a population of more than 20 million people. There is a lot of pollution and traffic, which does not always make it a very livable place. However, Egyptians are very kind and welcoming people, which is one of the reasons the city can be described as a magnet. The city comes alive at night and there are many sites and neighborhoods waiting to be explored.

Cairo has many crowded places, you have to choose a place not very crowded but accessible by all means of transportation at the same time, to make going anywhere easier. You have to be careful because some Egyptians may deceive you, but most of the Egyptians are kind hearted and trustworthy.

Who move to Cairo should know everything about its public transportation. Underground is the best way to move from one place to the in a large city like Cairo. Cairo have more than three Metro lines. All of those lines intersected in two main stations. It was first launched in 1987 to became the most crucial means of transportation in greater Cairo.

Sherif, says: 2020

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is the center of tourist attractions, so living there would never be boring, however, it is of utmost importance to note that traffic is a nightmare for newcomers. Therefore, the pollution is also at a high rate, considering the huge amount of citizens (and car drivers).

Abdala, says: 2020

It is a beautiful city in a beautiful country with many tourist factories and many archaeological temples, the most prominent of which are the pyramids built by the pharaohs from 7000 years of civilization And it is a wonderful city like climate, it is good in summer and in winter.

Claire, says: 2020

A person moving to Cairo should foremost know about people’s traditions, values, and what not to do in public. For example, being a Muslim-majority city, a tourist could receive uncomfortable looks if wearing a certain cloths or doing certain acts in public. This is only relevant if you intend to tour on your own and go to unknown places, but if you intend to live in a major place then there’s nothing to worry about.

Khadiga, says: 2020

Living in Cairo, Egypt have its upsides and downs for example: The people in this city are like a small happy family. They all care for each other. It’s pretty crowded. There are around 80 million residents all from different backgrounds and beliefs, which will make you feel like home all the time.

Life in Cairo is not always easy, but it does have its perks. Cairo is a beautiful city with some of the best Islamic architecture and art, from mosques that are a thousand years old to the Citadel of Saladin. If you’re a fan of history and art, you’ll find a lot of places to visit and a lot to learn as well. Nothing beats a walk along the Nile Cornish while watching the sunset and breathing in the crisp, moist air.

Diaaeldin, says: 2020

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