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Living in Cainta, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

41 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Cainta, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 41 people living in Cainta what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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41 comments on “Cainta”

Cainta, Rizal, is one of the richest place in the province. It is known for its “kakanin” called “suman”. It is a small municipality yet rich. The place is close to the city. It is being governed by our respected mayor, Kit Nieto. He is known to be one of the greatest public servant.

Margareth, says: 2020

This city is between the business district and the rural areas of the East. Our city is mistaken as a province but it’s not. It is known as one of the oldest places in the East and it is famous for the variety of food sold in this city.

Cainta is a borderline of Metro Manila and Rizal province. We may be in a province, but we are near the capital of Philippines. We are part of many modernized cities and have big establishments that can provide any needs and wants. Transportation in and out of our city are mainly consists of tricycles and jeepneys.

Joanna, says: 2020

This city is close to the National Capital Region. This characteristic makes travelling to and from Manila easier. A lot of employees and workers live here because they can save a lot of money. On the other side of this region, there are good travelling sites you can venture to. Antipolo City, which is famous for their water resorts, is just an hour or two away.

Someone should consider moving here is we have a lot a beauty view like mountain, rivers that are clean. They should also consider moving here because of the people are the most friendly people you could ever meet in your whole life, people living helps each other and always happy.

Cainta is pretty noisy. Another thing you need to consider is that my place is so hot. You need a lot of patience especially with the noisy neighbors. My place can be easily flooded especially on rainy season. If you need to focus you need earphones.

Christine, says: 2020

Be ready to wait in traffic for a long time, since our city here has very small roads. Secondly, the prices of food or basic necessities are pretty cheap, that is one of the best perks in this city. There are many snatchers, so be mindful of you things when wandering around.

Cainta is the first-class municipality in the province of Rizal, Philippines. It is one of the oldest municipalities in Luzon. It serves as the secondary gateway to the rest of the Rizal province from Metro Manila. Cainta faces different challenges especially with its boundary disputes with Pasig. Cainta has qualified for cityhood, due to its high population and high income. However, boundary disputes with neighboring cities and municipalities prevent the municipality from being a city. There was an attempt to convert Cainta into a city in 2003.

Cainta is more like a town than a city. It’s more quiet, has more vegetation, and less road traffic. Buying a property is easier and cheaper as well considering that real estate is skyrocketing in most places in the state. I recommend visiting the nearby waterfalls at coffee shops in Antipolo for a relaxing getaway.

Our city has a lot of beautiful scenery. If you don’t like very hot weather, then you should consider your decision to move here. On the contrary, low areas in our city are prone to floods during rainy days. However, the officials are doing their best to fix the problems.

Elicka, says: 2020

Cainta is one of the oldest municipalities in Luzon. It is famous for its bibingka cuisine. A simple life is being exercised in Cainta. The place is serene because it is close to nature. You can travel to nearby uphill landscapes and do some hiking. The people are very polite and hospitable.

Crysha, says: 2020

Cainta is known for its delicacies like “bibingka”, rice cake, coconut jam and other desserts made from coconut milk. Because of that, our municipality celebrates the “Sumbingtik Festival” where food are not only showcased but also the talents of the people in street dancing, float making, creative house designing and the likes. Aside from that, Cainta in Rizal has been consistently awarded as the most competitive municipality in the country.

Adrian, says: 2020

our city is governed by a responsible and kind-hearted man. They can be rest assured that if ever there comes a problem, the mayor and his subordinates will do their best to fix it. There are also lots of good food and kind people. However, some places in the city is prone to floods.

Lourilie, says: 2020

Our city is peaceful. A province be like environment. People are friendly and shows care to everyone. They will make you feel that you are a family. Talking with a smile on their faces and full of positives in life. They also have a simple lifestyle which I really like.

Our city is filled with industrial businesses. Traffic can become quite heavy during the rush-hour, as there are a lot of trucks that come and go within the vicinity. Despite it being near the metropolitan, our city is still in a provincial area. It’s still difficult to find a high-paying job.

Jomarie, says: 2020

Cainta lies close to three different cities, specifically, Marikina City, Antipolo City, and Pasig City. Because of this, it becomes easy to acquire different goods and services from neighboring cities. The mayor also works hard to ensure the cleanliness and growth of Cainta. Although it is still not an established city as of the moment, Cainta grows day by day to keep up with the growth in other cities.

Carina, says: 2020

If someone wants to move here, he or she should consider buying houses where the drainage is working properly; most parts of this city usually gets affected by flood easily. They should also remember the schedule for garbage collection since currently we’re on a once a week schedule.

Cazandra, says: 2020

our place is beautiful and full of fun things. other people are encouraged to live in our area. one of the beautiful things in our area is that everyone is very kind and positive in the midst of the difficulties they face. we have a lot of places that will make you be positive after visiting it.

Cainta Rizal residential properties have already been horizontally developed, there’s a growing demand for residential condos in the area This opens up a lot of opportunities to go vertical in the area while helping decongest Metro Manila in the foreseeable future, thereby making it a viable investment hub. As more and more business establishments and recreational sprout all over Cainta and nearby municipalities.

Cainta, commonly mistaken to be a city, is actually a municipality in the Philippines on the outskirts of Metro Manila. Although officially recognized as part of the province of Rizal, the day-to-day activities of its residents typically take place within the metropolis. Cainta is also a highly-urbanized zone. Despite this, its 1st-class facilities and respectable urban development deem it to be one of the best livable places in the country.

For someone moving here/province, please consider that the primary commute here are jeepneys and tricycles. Taxis are rarely seen here unless if you are going to be using an online taxi-service. It is also a quite crowded area so expect to see people even at late hours.

Refiero, says: 2020

Cainta is a very peaceful place. There are a lot of villages and establishments such as malls, grocery stores, and even fast food chains. Also, many people choose to reside in our city because of its accessibility with different modes of transportation such as public utility jeepneys (PUJs), UV Express Services, tricycles, and even trains.

Our place is known for its delicacies. We are known to produce the best rice cakes in the country, hence, we have our own town’s festival. We celebrate it ever 2nd of December and it is together with the Feast of Our Lady of Light. Our place is known as the ‘gateway to the east’, since we are just beside the metropolitan area of Manila.

Angella, says: 2020

Cainta is known for the best selling “bibingka”. Although there are no tourist destinations here since we are already filled with malls, the tourist spots near our town are just one ride away. The people here are also friendly and giving. Whenever there are occasions, the would not forget to invite their neighbors.

Venisse, says: 2020

Cainta, a municipality in Rizal, is the second largest area in the province. Cainta, Rizal, is Bibingka Capital of the Philippines where one can enjoy delicacies like sweet rice cakes and rice puddings all with its colorful festivities during first week of December. Caintenos, as what people are called, celebrate this vibrant festival with colorful-inspired-rice-cakes home decor and street dancing.

Cainta is a mess of zones, areas are controlled by so many mayorships that it can be confusing at most. Example one road is controlled by mayorship A and the other mayorship B, in that sense if we want one part of the road to be fixed we have to ask two different mayors to actually do their job.

Kristine, says: 2020

Our city is known for its heavy traffic being highly urbanized and a first class municipality. It is quite congested and has a high population density of more than 300,000 people. However, it is also rich in culture and is known for its holy week celebration known as the “Senakulo” which is a stage re-enactment of the life and suffering of Jesus Christ. Cainta is also known for its native delicacies.

Of all the cities in and near Metro Manila, Cainta, Rizal, is the top choice among residents. Cainta, Rizal, is reputable for its clean environment, competent mayor, and very kind locals. Cainta, Rizal, has been consistently awarded as the “Best City” for five years. Cainta, Rizal, has great local establishments such as the Rizal Park, Rizal Mountains, and Abang Falls. Most tourists come to Cainta, Rizal, to view its popular spots. Finally, one wouldn’t leave Cainta, Rizal, without buying its most popular delicacy called, Puto.

Cainta, Rizal, is a city full of traditions. Some are roads and some are dirt, but sometimes it’s between. Many Filipinos live here to be near their relatives or just simply want to be in tradition. It is not the best city you could live in but it is manageable for everyone in different races and aspects.

I someone will be moving to my city, I would strongly suggest not to do it. My city is okay; however, we are experiencing heavy traffic jams in our area. For example, you have an appointment somewhere at nine in the morning, you need to leave your home at five in the morning. Although, there some good sides as well. First, our city is commercialized and you will find whatever you need. Second, people are friendly and will be aiding you if you need a hand. most foreigners tend to move to our city because the land here is cheaper, so you would be able to build your dream house.

Jasper, says: 2020

For someone moving here, I want you to know this city is known for the rice cakes that are selling. This city is still celebrating the fiestas and feast day of the Saints. Our City is also known and awarded as one of the competitive Cities.

Cainta is actually a municipality rather it being classified as a city. Cainta is one of the many municipalities under Rizal province, it is famous for its Bibingka which is a Filipino delicacy eaten as a dessert or snack which Filipinos call “merienda”. Cainta is quite large in terms of its land area, so large that some barangays (sub-cities) may have overlapped with the surrounding municipalities and cities.

The town of Cainta, Rizal, Philippines, is best known for variety of rice cakes. In fact, we have a festival here called SumBingTik held every December, when huge rice cakes are made. In our town resides 1,000s of people from different provinces of the Philippines. You may hear other people talk in different dialects. Some live in the town proper, and some live in the valley. You might want to check on this particular site if you want a quiet place and less pollution.

Emmanuel, says: 2020

Cainta is part of the small city in Luzon. Community here are simply ordinary just like the other cities around in Metro Manila. Among being the simplest one it has a unique characteristics which others really don’t know. It’s location is between in the proper city and going to province. Native people and civilize are just adopt the city life.

Our city is popular for its rice cakes. Cainta, which is a small city in the province of Rizal, is an industrial city that specializes in food, beverages and metal crafts. Apart from having good food and services, we also enjoy good public service given to us by our local government.

Claire, says: 2020

Cainta is not quite a city of Rizal yet. It is a town known for its love for food. This is where the name of the town came from. In Filipino, we say “Kain tayo.” This means, “Let’s eat,” which was shortened and resulted into the name of the town. As a lover of food myself, I have always enjoyed pop-up restaurants and hole-in-the-wall establishments that provide great food in the area.

Everyone will be glad about living in our town because of abundant rice cakes, the culture prospers, we’re near the metropolis but somehow far from busy cities. Our community is active in conducting different activities in helping the citizens with their livelihood, leisure, and more programs that the government or non-government organizations will administer.

Sophia, says: 2020

Cainta, Rizal, is one of the richest municipality in the Philippines. The people in my neighborhood are very friendly and follows the rules and policy of our town religiously. it is an hour ride to the city and has lots of jobs to offer. It is also home to different kinds of food.

Kareena, says: 2020

Before someone consider moving here, Cainta, they must pick a perfect and well structured house preferably at the village. They should also consider that there is also traffic in our city, especially during rush hours. schools, there are only few schools in our city. Though, there are many nice people around and there are many malls, hospitals, fast food chains and more.

Cainta isn’t officially a city (it’s a municipality) in the Philippines, but since it is industrialized and is nearly as busy as major cities, this misconception occurs most of the time. The difference between Cainta and the cities in the country is that residents like to celebrate events in a very festive way, unlike the more urbanized areas. Once in here, you will feel the hearty welcome that exudes from this municipality.

our city is in a great place so that is why other people move to our city. However, other cities are not good at businesses. You need to think about where is the best place with family because they will affect to your family on where are you located.

Avegale, says: 2020

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