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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Cabuyao City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 29 people living in Cabuyao City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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You will be easily comfortable to our City. You can see many gorgeous and breathtaking places in Cabuyao. It has nice people and nice environment. And last, the whole Cabuyao has a nice foods and tourist spot that will make you awe in excitement and love to our City that will make you forever or if not forever, in a very long time.

Jacqueline, says: 2020

I’m living in friendly city. If someone moves here know how to communicate well to others. He/she must be hospitable. my city is same as other cities. He/she can adapt quickly. Basic needs are just around. Public vehicles are abundant from pedicab, tricycle, jeep even grab car. Schools are near.

Angelica, says: 2020

Cabuyao is a good place to start a humble home. Due to low cost of house and lots price, anybody could have a simple living with all the needs around. It is also known for many subdivisions with safe ambiance.

For someone who wants to move to this city, know that a typical day here always feels like summer. Except for rainy season and Christmas season. But, living here also means that you get to live with a lot of good people. These are people whom you can rely on when you need help. And that is one of the best things this city has to offer.

Cabuyao City is a first class municipality in Laguna. It is known for some of the well known manufacturing and production companies like Nestle Philippines, Wyeth, Ram Food Products, Universal Robina and the likes. It has a massive workers for industrial estate. Warehouses of online selling platform Lazada and Johnson and Johnson company are also found here.

It is really peaceful living here, you can live peacefully here. The City’s Government, are monitoring their people in this city. Also, the neighborhood treat each other like they’re a true family. You can have freedom and privacy. It is really a good choice if you’ll considering living here.

Our city is so close to our capital, which is Manila, 45 to 50 km away. move there instead. There is not much going on in our city, limited opportunities if they’re looking for a stable job. Traffic in our city is so much bad than in Manila. I suggest it’s better to move to Manila than here.

Cabuyao is an industrialized and urbanized city. The good thing is it provides a number of jobs for the people in the area. The bad thing is that traffic here is really awful, and that’s a thing you should really consider before moving here. In worst cases, it would take hours before you’d be able to go to where you are supposed to go.

Wilbur, says: 2020

Cabuyao City is a growing city where food establishments, supermarkets and new businesses are booming. Aside from it, it still has the province feel. We still have lots of trees, rice fields and rural gardens. We also have nearby nature tourist spots like forests, lakes and rapids which other people from the capital visit during weekends.

Cabuyao, Laguna, is a peaceful city. We have a lot of delicacies to offer such as Buko Pie, Rice Cake products and more. Our place is also near the so called Laguna’s Team building capital, which is Pansol. Pansol has lots of hot spring and resorts which offer team building activities.

Krissha, says: 2020

Rent prices are atrocious and the buildings where apartments are located. You should consider finding a good landlord, a gated and safe apartment building and its accessibility in terms of public vehicle transport, markets and groceries. There are a lot of villages where you can rent a house or an apartment but make sure that your neighbors and your landlord is trustworthy.

Caitlyn, says: 2020

Cabuyao is in the province of Laguna. This city is popular for Buko Pie. It is near Calamba City which is popular for resorts. There are many old churches to visit in Cabuyao Laguna. This city is a few hours drive to Mount Makiling, Tagaytay and Pansol hot spring resorts.

Yielde, says: 2020

It has famous rice cakes, souvenirs, and it’s attracting and refreshing scenery. The place where I’m living is more relaxing than the busy streets in the metro. Also, the place where I’m located is also has a lot of springs and beaches. Where you can be able to relax and you can bring your family and friends with you whenever you wanted to.

Oshein, says: 2020

People who would like to move to my city should know traffic here is always heavy especially during rush hours. Despite that, there are lots of jobs because the city has a lot of companies and business establishments. Aside from that, the people are always accommodating to newcomers.

Golden Bell is the symbol of our City. Cabuyao is one of the City in Laguna and Laguna province is where our national hero Jose Rizal born. Nowadays, Cabuyao City is also were also a place that having an industrial park where you can find a job or work nearby.

Marijul, says: 2020

City of cabuyao is between sta rosa and calamba city that means more job opportunities are given if you’re planning to to move here andalso cabuyao is a small city but it doesn’t have many businesses around so that means you can start your own business.

Cabuyao is “The Enterprise City of the Philippines”. Cabuyao is a very known city in Laguna because it is one of the fastest growing city in terms of economics in the whole region.

Patricia, says: 2020

Cabuyao city is the heart of local manufacturing companies in the Philippines. I would consider living here due to the proximity of your work area towards your home. The place is also known for its delicious and nutritious food because the area is a rural area. There is an abundant supply of fresh vegetables.

Jenesa, says: 2020

Before moving to this city, you might consider all the expenses and other things like the weather and stuff. but, Trust me, you’ll going to love it here. From the famous destinations that you could go to like the Enchanted Kingdom, Pansol which is a place where you can rent mini resorts and swim all night long, and more reasons.

Hartzell, says: 2020

Cabuyao City has a good place. It offers many affordable housing projects which is excellent for families that are just starting. Being a big city that it is, it is given that shopping areas, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings are easy to find. And above all, Cabuyao City has such kind and humble people who creates a good community for everyone.

Cabuyao city is a great place. It is close to nature and the environment is clean. You can buy fresh vegetables and meat products daily. The environment is close to nature and would be beneficial to one’s health. The cost of living is manageable and the peace and order situation is all right.

Cabuyao City is “The Enterprise City,” in which many factories of well-known brands reside, such as Nestle, Asia Breweries, Monde, NutriAsia, and others. The city also has an ambiance where everyone works together.

Cabuyao is a prosperous city. There is an industrial park where many companies are located, thus giving livelihood to many people in and out of the city. Aside from this, many big companies are in some barangays. There are many residential subdivisions as well. Hospitals, banks, supermarkets and schools are accessible. People are friendly and hospitable.

Rubelyn, says: 2020

We Cabuyeños are magnanimous to all of our visitors. We will indulge our visitors with things, in which, can only be found in Cabuyao; In addition to, we Cabuyeños live in unity we don’t let our comrades down cause we live in this together. Camaraderie along with pulchritude were one of the many words that were commonly linked to Cabuyao.

Hannah, says: 2020

For someone moving to our city know how beautiful our city is. Our city is safe, beautiful and clean. Also, there are a lot of industrial parks in which he/she can apply for work. Additional, in our city has a lot of theme parks where you can spend your weekend with family.

Nicole, says: 2020

Consider having his or her own vehicle. Traffic here is very bad, that’s why many tricycle/jeepney drivers are protesting for a fare hike. instead of being affected by the continuous fare hike, maybe you should provide a vehicle of your own. And commuting is a little more tiring than driving on your own.

Mabelle, says: 2020

Our city has some rural parts but it is an urban area. There are a lot of places in which you can travel and have fun to. We have a lot of resorts and malls here and the people are hospitable and genuine. You can embrace our culture without feeling out of place because we all welcome new people.

Want a fresh start? Cabuyao is the right place for you. We have beautiful scenery of farms. The fresh breeze that’ll blow on your face every morning will surely give you a fresh start.

Visit our city because of beautiful people and thousand of job opportunities. We have good resources and manpowers to help you start a business. You can also try ecotourism. It is a good investment for people.

Miguel, says: 2020

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