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Living in Brits, South Africa:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

ten local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Brits, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked ten people living in Brits what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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10 comments on “Brits”

Be a very patient person because Brits is not a pleasant place to be at. It has potholes & it stinks.

Thulane, says: 2023

If you will be moving to Brits, prepare yourself. There are potholes everywhere and it permanently stinks of sewage.

Brits is a very small town of around 50,000 people and there is not much going on here. The town mainly consists of pharmacies, hair salons and bottle stores. One needs to be sociable and have a love for drinking as the only entertainment at any time of the day or night is frequenting the local bars. You will make new friends quite easily and the drinking will make even the ugly patrons look like Greek gods and goddesses.

Lungiswa, says: 2020

It is a very hot city, putting sunscreen will have to be done more often. Having your own car will be an advantage since there are no ubers unless you don’t mind using taxi. There are so many attractive places to visit around the area and they ain’t expensive which is an advantage.

Angelique, says: 2020

Brits is an absolutely chilled town, not much happens around there. Although it is not quite modernised as we’d wish for it to be e.g, our mall is very dull and not much can be done around there besides the bare minimum, it is still such a cool environment. There is, however, that one part of town that most people avoid because it is very doggy and the stories from there are not cute at all. But I assure you, you are going to love it here.

Someone moving to my city should know that it’s actually a small town. There’s not many resources here, but there are many people. It’s also kind of rural the area where I live, although there are houses in town as well. The people here keep to themselves most of the time, but there are a couple of nosy neighbours.

Luseko, says: 2020

Brits is a small town which offers spectacular bushveld splendour with farming community hospitality. Although the most prominent language spoken is Afrikaans, there is a large English-speaking community. You will find Brits to be a small town with a big heart! In addition to great schools and retirement homes it offers a variety of interesting places to visit and enjoy nature.

Joline, says: 2020

lions do not roam on the streets and that we are a developing city. The people here are full of kindness and are hard-working individuals. Opportunity is all around us. Our town is one to be recognised. We offer numerous camping and sightseeing sites. it is agricultural and we are surrounded by farms.

Malose, says: 2020

The area is in a rural environment which means having personal transport is a must. The local cuisine consists of delicious traditional dishes from the northern tribes of the country and this is showcased further at the Lesedi Cultural Village. The area is also rich in biodiversity.

Brits contains just about every kind of place you might wish to be or to see. We have three malls, all filled with various kinds of places which are accommodating to all kinds of people. We have sites whereby a person can go to, and have fun like our local park.

Kundla, says: 2020

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