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Living in Brisbane, Australia:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

22 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Brisbane, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 22 people living in Brisbane what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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It has a sub-tropical climate. The city has a huge beautiful park with a free swimming pool right in the middle. It has many great parks. It used to be more relaxed but now the traffic is bad. It has become very expensive to buy a house.

Michael, says: 2024

A growing city with a mix of country and city. Close to beautiful beaches, close to mountains. Hussle and bustle or open fresh country space. Lovely people.

Brisbane is the capital of the Queensland state in Australia. North and South of Brisbane you are spoilt for choice with wonderful beaches, tropical rainforests, bushland and mountains. It’s humid and very hot during the summer months, so most people spend their time socializing near water, and in winter camping or caravanning.

Amanda, says: 2023

If you’re moving to Brisbane, particularly to the suburbs, it is important to buy a car and not rely on public transport, as it can be late or not show up. D’Aguilar is a nice national park, and if you like rainforests there is the beautiful Mount Glorious and in the nearby Sunshine Coast, Mary Caincross. There are a lot of drugs in the Gold Coast.

It is really hot – generally in the 30s in summer; and takes a long time to adjust… We have been 16yrs and I still cant handle it!

Brisbane is one of the most relaxed capitals in the world. Nevertheless, newcomers should be wary of becoming lulled by the city’s charms: the region’s true wealth lies in the surrounding coast and hinterland, and weekend adventurers willing to escape the urban sprawl for a day or two will find themselves richly rewarded.

Vanessa, says: 2020

Brisbane is the capital city of the state of Queensland located on the Australian eastern seaboard approximately midway between the satellite cities of Surfers Paradise in the south and Noosa in the north. Brisbane is home to a resident population of approximately two million people geographically distributed between higher density, single-unit dwellings in the city centre and more capacious, family-friendly dwellings located in the surrounding suburbs. Brisbane’s climate is classified as subtropical with a cool to mild temperature range in the autumn and winter months and a warm to hot range in the spring and summer months.

Alyssa, says: 2020

Anyone moving to Brisbane should know that there are an abundance of sightseeing opportunities and various fun activities for all age groups. It is between two major beaches – Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, which provide many social opportunities. if the beach isn’t your ideal getaway, the city is surrounded by mountains, theme parks, shopping centres, islands and much, much more. If you’re the type of person who loves a good getaway every few days, then Brisbane is the place for you.

Pranshul, says: 2020

Unlike other highly populated cities in Australia such as Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane has mild winters due to its humid subtropical climate, with temperatures occasionally reaching a low of 5-10 degrees celsius during winter nights. Winter is also a dry month with most rainfall and thunderstorms occurring during higher temperatures during summer.

When moving to Brisbane, know it is difficult to park in the city. Instead, one should opt to use the public transport system. Trains are almost always on time; however, punctual buses are often not available. The fare for both types of transport is cheap compared to the amount of money one will spend on a parking ticket.

Brisbane is a fairly vast city, with mesmerising lights, amazing views and fun-filled venues. It consists of narrow and maze-like streets; filled with notorious crimes and traffic. To ensure safety and security, do not be afraid to ask, as we are all friendly and always more than willing to help.

Lauren, says: 2020

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia. Before moving to Brisbane know to apply sunscreen before going outside. They should also know to use public transport when visiting the inner city. Before using public transport it is recommended to download the translink app for their smartphone. Brisbane is a beautiful city.

Mahendra, says: 2020

Brisbane is a fantastic city. It is in short distance to beaches, both north and south. It also has short commute times to get around making living close to the CBD a very viable option for those who work in the city. You will find that people are extremely friendly in this beautiful city.

Josephine, says: 2020

Someone should consider that Brisbane is a fairly busy and compounded city. If one was to want a big yard and a large house, they should consider living in the outer suburbs of Brisbane. The central city would not be ideal, as all residences consist of units in multi-story buildings. There is also constant noise, and if one is wanting a quiet lifestyle, Brisbane may not be the ideal place.

Janice, says: 2020

Brisbane is a comparatively small city, with fewer opportunities than neighbouring cities. Housing can be expensive; a simple apartment in Brisbane often costs twice as much as a large house in surrounding areas. Brisbane’s only redeeming quality appears to be her parties, banks and museums. Such options provide for exciting weekends and constant education.

Brisbane is known for its diverse mix of people. This well-known city has affordable living and easy and frequent commute. Brisbane has both, pleasant weather and people. The bloom of Jacaranda trees in summer is a sight worth experiencing. Life in the city is exciting, colourful, adventurous and bright. This place welcomes all!

Montana, says: 2020

Before moving to Brisbane, one should consider its relatively warm weather. Summers can reach temperatures as high as 40 to 45 degrees celsius, whilst winters only have a mild range of 13 to 27 degrees celsius. Autumns are non-existent as the temperatures do not vary far from those in summer. Thus, winter and autumn-lovers should all think twice before moving here.

Brisbane is the capital of Australia’s Queensland State. It is an awesome city in the sunshine state, surrounded by Brisbane River. Brisbane’s weather is perfect with loads of beautiful parklands and stunning scenery. It is a very safe city with people in different multicultural background. If you are looking for a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere; Brisbane is a place.

Estefania, says: 2020

Brisbane is quite a small capital city, often referred to as a town with a country feeling as opposed to a bustling metropolitan city. Running through its centre is the Brisbane River, on which you will often see rowers, city ferries, and jet skis. The University of Queensland is in the suburb of St Lucia and is almost like a mini city in itself.

Vaishnavi, says: 2020

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia and a great place as an international student. Its population hovers around the 2.5 million mark, but, city itself is actually very large geographically. A great part of the population is conformed by international students who come from a wide variety of countries to undertake their degrees. This results in a wonderful nationality mix and in an interesting multicultural environment.

If you’re moving to Brisbane, you must be prepared for the heat. Whilst cities like New York or London have distinguishable seasons, Brisbane suffers the heat year-round. Despite, winter period having a slightly colder temperature than its summer counterpart, you’ll never see an Australian wearing a scarf or thermal jacket. Therefore, if you are considering the move, be prepared for sweat, shorts and sunscreen.

We live in Brisbane in the Sunshine State of Queensland. Our city covers a vast area and encourages folks from around the world to enjoy our laid back lifestyle. Plenty of golden beaches within a short driving distance. A great place to raise your young family with oodles of outdoor activities available.

Carrol, says: 2020

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