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Living in Brighton, England:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

11 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Brighton, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 11 people living in Brighton what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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11 comments on “Brighton”

Brighton is a bright and vibrant city. So diverse in pretty much every way imaginable that it can come a shock to new visitors. Being open minded is something that is a necessity of any newcomer. It is important to treat everyone as an equal in Brighton and to respect everyone’s views in the same way your views will be.

Alexandra, says: 2020

Brighton is in a close proximity to the capital (London) and offering attractions such as the beach and nice weather. It is also a suitable area for young people as it exhibits a large choice of attractions and there’s lots going on around the city and beyond. Overall, it is a very vibrant and exciting place to live.

Joseph, says: 2020

Brighton is a small coastal city, offering a range of activities to engage in throughout the year. Along the shore, one can skim pebbles on stunning blue water, and with some luck, a bright orange sunset will serve as the backdrop. In the right company and with a few tins of Red Stripe, the rest of the city quickly becomes unimportant; days may pass you by with no reason to seek new pleasures or hobbies.

Brighton is a fun and bustling city with lots of things to both see and do. From visiting independently owned shops in the Laines to seeing the sea from the i360, there are lots of things to explore and experience in this small but diverse city. In the night there are many pubs and bars both in town and along the seafront for a fun evening of drinking and friendly chatter.

Someone moving to Brighton should be excited to know they are moving to a great city. Brighton has a lot to offer; it is inclusive, creative, and fun. Anyone moving to the city should know Brighton’s public-transport oriented ethos. Driving is restricted but there are cycle lanes almost everywhere.

Patrick, says: 2020

Busy, vibrant and addictive, Brighton is the place you go to visit for the weekend and end up never leaving. The beach is full of pebbles, and Morocco’s down on Hove Lawns sells the best ice cream you will ever have the pleasure of tasting. known as London by the sea, Brighton is popular for its London prices and being the posh seaside everyone wants. It’s extravagant, beautiful, and full of carefree people.

Claire, says: 2020

Before moving to Brighton, make sure you are not afraid of seagulls – they are everywhere! Also, the beaches are covered in stones and shingle, not sand. The local art scene is great, especially in summer. Local artists open their homes to the public for impromptu art exhibitions.

Brighton is a lovely city, populated by freethinkers, eccentrics, and seaside dwellers, all of whom are concerned with little but having a good time and enjoy their lives. The city has a wide selection of cultural choices, something for each taste. For the music lover Brighton is the ideal location, the music scene sees a mixture of grassroots venues host touring indie bands, just starting out their career, to larger arenas celebrate well-known established artists, such as Elton John.

Micheal, says: 2020

Brighton is a lively and bohemian seaside city with a high student population being that it is in close vicinity to two universities. There is a lot of diverse entertainment on offer and many great opportunities to explore music and the arts and being within a very easy commute to London and less than an hour on the train to Gatwick airport.

Eleanor, says: 2020

Brighton is a delightful seaside town on the south east coast of the United Kingdom. It has many independent stores in the lanes which is a fantastic addition for tourists. We also have an iconic building known as the i360 built by British Airways which allows you to travel up to 162 m to view the beautiful landscape of brighton and surrounding towns.

They need to check out the venues and thing to do in Brighton and find out information about how to get around the city so transport like bus routes and taxis so you would need to get prices of how much it will cost to get around, and accommodation is a must you need to find out about rent and food and bills lastly employment and what jobs are available.

Charlotte, says: 2020

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