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Living in Biñan City, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

31 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Biñan City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 31 people living in Biñan City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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31 comments on “Biñan City”

The town is simple and it has everything you need. There are hospitals, groceries, banks, and schools near each major area. If you work in the metro, the drive can be as fast as 40min because of SLEX. It is also near Tagaytay if you want to relax and enjoy the cooler weather. The floods are a problem though and likely to happen during big typhoons.

Lizette, says: 2023

Our city is amazing because there are a lot of products that you can buy including shoes and caps and our special “puto” which is very delicious! You can also see many festivals here and our streets though there are many people is wide and very clean. You may visit!

Joella, says: 2020

To move to the city, he must know the topography of the place she wants to live. Climate should also be taken into consideration. Lastly, he or she sho should consider the job he or she wants to do or the possible businesses he or she can put up as the city is fast-paced. Usually, the business of most people there is trading so before moving to the city, he or she should learn to trade and keep with the pace.

Our city is a good place to reside in. Our city has one of the biggest market in the south where you can purchase anything you need. It is the gateway from the capital region of the country and the residing provinces so the economy is rising, which is good when you are planning to build a small business.

Nicole, says: 2020

Biñan is a city in Laguna, Philippines that is very near many manufacturing plants. Most of these plants are owned by foreigners. That main reason why many likes to stay and live in Biñan City is the convenience of travelling a short distance in going to their work. Biñan City is also considered a drop point of merchandisers from the the nearby province that caters different kinds of produce. Coming from Biñan City going to Makati takes only a short time of around 35 – 45 minutes using the South Luzon Expressway.

Binan City is a place where you can find friends in an instant, people are all hospitable and accommodating. The city has lots of restaurants, food stalls and a variety of native delicacies to choose from when you are a food-lover type of person. The local government is supportive of its people. It has the security, resources and convenience you are looking for in a place that you want to stay for a long time.

One of our national heroes lived and studied here. His name is Dr. Jose Rizal. Although their family’s house was moved to another city a few years ago, it was now rebuilt and well-preserved, so that anyone can see where he lived. Also, or city is famous for our delicacy, namely Puto Binan.

Biñan is near Metro Manila and there is a multiple of transport companies to bring passengers to Manila and nearby towns. It is a quiet community and people are friendly. Schools, colleges and even two universities are strategically in the area. The city abounds with several food and business establishments where one can avail of their products and services.

Biñan is a 1st class city in the province of Laguna, Philippines. It is also known being the “City of Life” where culture, history and the arts are greatly given importance. There are 24 barangays in this city. Everyone enjoys their living. It is also important to be able to experience such life everyone wanted in the first place. There are more to discover here.

Biñan is a business-centered city and is congested with a large number of people, so heavy traffic should be expected during busy hours. It is also home to one of the best rice cakes in the country. People should not expect a large number of leisure activities within the city.

Angelica, says: 2020

I think in my hometown in Binan there are various attractions like the park and museum. Binan City also famous for the rice cake that is locally made by residents. In order to buy it you should have the money. There are several flavors and choices for our famous rice cake.

Isabella, says: 2020

Binan City is well known for its great history. The people and places here are awesome. This city is fit for residency especially for workers and students.

Know Biñan City is not a great city to move to. Traffic is highly stressful and air pollution is at its worst. A nice province with fresh hair and warm breeze would be a better choice, Siargao would be better. There’s lots of beaches and waterfalls which is perfect if you’re looking for serene and solitude.

Ronalaine, says: 2020

Binan is known for our puto. In fact, Aling Nene is the most popular store for this product. Also, Binan is business strategic area because it is near to business establishments like Robinson Sta. Rosa, SM Sta. Rosa, Nuvali, Splash Island, Brent and more. Our place is highly industrialized because of several businesses that can be found here.

Many people consider moving here because of the jobs available, but before you make the big move, here is one thing you need to think about: Are you okay with living in a cramped space? Most people who move to our city are migrant workers. They usually stay in rooms with bunk beds with strangers. if you are fine with this, then our city might be for you.

Dominique, says: 2020

Biñan has been popularly recognized as the trading center area immediately south of Metro Manila. The city has the largest public market in the province of Laguna, and in the CALABARZON Region. “The Home of the Famous Puto Biñan in Laguna”. This city is also known for the shoes and slippers. Historically, Laguna province is famous for being the home of national hero, Jose Rizal.

Catalina, says: 2020

Our city isone of the best cities in Laguna. You can enjoy a very colorful and energetic night in our city which was also the reason why our city called “city of life”. You will enjoy the ambiance and you will go back to the feels when you are a teenager.

Charlene, says: 2020

Biñan, Laguna, is known for its cake made from rice flour that is topped with cheese, butter, and salted egg. This famous cake is named after the city, which is called Puto Biñan. The city also offers many tourist spots like Tibagan Falls, José Rizal Monument Plaza, and Splash Island.

Angeli, says: 2020

Biñan City is known for its famous history about our country. Our national hero Jose Rizal once studied in this city. Our city is also famous for its rice cakes. Our city is also full of loving people. If someone moves here, well it will be a great idea.

Sherry, says: 2020

City of Binan is one of the fastest place to improve in the economy of the Philippines. we as Binaneses tell that are place is an incredible and one of a kind, that why we considered it as a city of life. why not and be a proud Binanese. People in our places are very accommodatable and joyful. Our place is also known for its unique puto binan that everyone love.

Biñan City is fairly crowded. Our city is known for its local delicacy called puto. Biñan also has a lot of great schools to choose from. The Puto Latik Festival is celebrated every first week of February.

There are few malls around but there are lots of palengkes (market). The main roads are decent but the inner ones are in disarray. There are lots of people around to the point of overcrowding. It is near two other cities, Carmona and Sta. Rosa. There are lots of schools and villages to services the population.

Monique, says: 2020

Binan City is in Laguna province. It is few miles away from Manila and very accessible in public transportation. It is an urbanized city and there are lots of opportunity awaits to everyone who seeks for a job. There are lots of plant industries on the city. The city has a good environment for all, as the air we can breath is clean.

Know the tropical climate we have here. Despite frequent storms, our city is safe and free from excessive flooding and hurricane. The people from our city are nice and hospitable. From the famous delicacies and festivals, our city is quite prominent from other cities in our country.

Crizel, says: 2020

There is a big amount of grass, so if you love nature, you might want to explore the cities in Laguna. Also, there are malls with diverse food culture and clothing styles. The temperature is high on average, but from October to February you might feel cold because Biñan is in Laguna and it doesn’t take too long to drive to Tagaytay which is one of he coldest places in the Philippines.

Binan City, Laguna, Philippines, is known for Puto Binan. This is a special rice cake Filipino delicacy, uniquely made by Binanenses. It has grated cheese, sliced boiled egg on top of a very white or creamy white puto cake. I’ve witnessed how this old town progress into a full-blown city. Now, this is a very progressive city. It has industries, a technopark, hospitals, malls and big schools. The people in the community are hospitable, warm, friendly and accommodating.

Binan City has a rich history. Dona Teodora Alonso, mother of our national hero, hailed from this city. In fact, the ancestral house of Dona Teodora still stands. You can still see it at the heart of the city’s center. Old houses reminiscent of the past, are all well preserved.

Novelyn, says: 2020

Binan City is one of the first-class cities in Laguna as it is filled with easily-accessible markets and malls. Besides this, it is within perfect distance from Manila, which is the capital of the Philippines, and Los Baños, the most visited place during summer. Because of the new highways, it is now easier to travel to and from Binan. Although it is a big city, most people know each other since we get together during fiestas and other celebrations.

Kristle, says: 2020

Biñan has a lot to offer varying from it’s delicious delicacies to rich Filipino history background. Biñan is the home of the famous Puto Biñan. It is a delicacy that we, Biñanense are very proud of. In fact, people from different provinces across the country are visiting our city just to taste this delicacy of ours. Aside from great food, the city is also well known to be a place where our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, once lived.

Biñan is one of the most best places to live in if you’re looking for something you can call “home.” Biñan is a first class city in Laguna, Philippines. Of all the places my family lived in, Biñan is my most favorite.

Kristen, says: 2020

Our city provides a healthy and prosperous living conditions. Each community offers different living experience from which residents can comfortably choose from. The location of our city is also near the country’s capital and close to major roads connecting the city to other places. Most importantly, there are many jobs are offered in our city which can be very convenient for new residents.

Patricia, says: 2020

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