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Living in Berlin, Germany:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

19 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Berlin, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 19 people living in Berlin what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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It may surprise new Berliners to discover the sheer surface area of the city. Few buildings are more than ten stories high, so to accommodate its large population, Berlin sprawls out in every direction. Fortunately, the city’s network of public transport is well-equipped to shuttle Berliners from borough to borough. Still, when you move to a big city, you may not anticipate hours of travel in your everyday routine. Be prepared to commute!

Zachary, says: 2020

Berlin is a wonderful place to live. It’s a melting pot of all sorts of cultures and ideas, and it’s easy to find your niche, no matter who you are or what your interests. Despite being a sprawling metropolis, in around fifteen to twenty minutes, you can be in the woods or by a lake.

Sabine, says: 2020

Berlin is an extremely international, diverse and colorful city. One can enjoy cultural encounters from all corners of the globe, and a wide variety of food, festivals and music events. Berlin has a rich and interesting history and lots of fascinating museums. The main problem in Berlin is the weather.

Berlin is a city full of history. Berlin has the best features that a cosmopolitan city can offer; nightlife, culture, art, fashion, nature, and history among others. The city’s inhabitants are very friendly and open to different cultures. I recommend people of all ages to visit Berlin and try their luck. The job market is constantly growing and there is no difficulty in finding work. it is important to consider that winters can be very heavy due to the cold and lack of sunlight.

Willie, says: 2020

Berlin is a beautiful city filled with a plethora of restaurants, bars and clubs. Mauerpark flea market offers a variety of local artists and vintage clothing. The adjoining green fields invite you to dance, sunbathe, play sports or relax with friends. For anyone moving to Berlin, be warned; many of the apartments and houses come completely unfurnished. There isn’t even a kitchen in rented homes!

My city is the capital of Germany and has a population of over three million. It is an important city for the history of Germany and popular for its culture, politics, media and science. Berlin is one of the start-up capitals of Europe and attracts plenty of young talent especially in the information technology space.

Sabine, says: 2020

People moving to Berlin, especially from cities in North America, should know attitudes to service are much different here than elsewhere. Service workers in shops and restaurants tend to be of the mindset that the customer is an inconvenience rather than a valued patron. Often, workers in these establishments are dismissive and curt in interacting with customers.

Finding a good room can be very difficult in Berlin. It is easier to get a temporary room from a renting agency and then register for a long-term room. It is fairly cheap to live in Berlin.

Madeleine, says: 2020

The Turkish markets offer the freshest produce and deliciously prepared food. Berlin offers affordable, tasty food at Que Pasa, a Mexican place run by an Indian family, and museums and concerts for only a few euros. Berlin has not always been diverse and accepting. In the dark days of Berlin, Germany was deeply divided and freedom was only a dream for those in East Germany.

Victoria, says: 2020

Before moving to Berlin, one should prepare oneself for the trials of brain-melting bureaucracy, dizzying German language rules and the whiplash whimsies of freedom seized. Prepare for public nudity, ubiquitous graffiti and carpets of broken glass. the city itself resembles its infamous bouncers: scary and intimidating, but genuine teddy bears once you’re “in. “

Yousef, says: 2020

If someone moves to Berlin, they should be forewarned that it can be particularly tricky finding a flat! Searching for a place might warrant becoming a full-time job, if the person searching is relatively picky. However, the effort is entirely worth it. Berlin is a historic, quirky, meaningful, and exciting place. Its cosmopolitan, multicultural atmosphere is one of the most exciting in the world. And learning to speak German is quite fun. Los geht’s!

Liliana, says: 2020

Berlin has changed dramatically in recent years. The arrival of outside investment, new technology firms, asylum seekers and other migrants has given the city a totally new complexion. Freedoms are manifold however, as artists and creatives can still produce work under relatively little financial pressure. Rents are relatively low for a European capital and the state provides a solid backbone.

Berlin is the capital of Germany. When we think of Berlin we may think of gray concrete, but it only takes a stroll by the Spree, a river in the middle of Berlin, to realize that there are countless green spaces around the city. Everyone is welcome in Berlin. Talking with strangers on the streets is almost a normal thing to do.

Willie, says: 2020

Berlin, no doubt, is a fantastic city. The city’s vibrant are, culture, and nightlife make it one of the best places to be in Europe right. Despite being a very liberal, safe, and international city, there are a couple of things a newcomer should consider. Learning the German language is imperative to feel fully involved in the town. Also, one must research thoroughly about the place and the neighborhood where one will be staying as good and cheap apartments are hard to come across.

Victoria, says: 2020

1. Learn the language. Learning German will absolutely benefit your work and life while living in Germany.
2. Be prepared to spend a great amount of time searching for a good apartment in Berlin.
3. Grocery shopping can be difficult for newcomers, especially those who would like to stick to the cooking style in their home countries. Make sure that you spend some time getting to know the markets in your area and what food options you have.

Nicole, says: 2020

In order to be a legal resident in Germany, individuals need to register an address with the authorities. However, in Berlin, finding an apartment were registering is possible is a difficult task. Many renters do not want to let go of their cheap contracts as rent prices are soaring in the capital.

Bertha, says: 2020

Moving to Berlin is hard if you’re working in a lesser industry, such as gastronomy. Lower rent prices mean the market is all the more competitive, so make sure you have all of your paperwork in order before moving. You should also know that everything bureaucratic is done via letter.

Berlin is a city with a history that is not only almost incredible but also fascinating in the most artistic aspects. It has always been a city at the forefront that contains within itself people from all over the world, being a hotbed of contrasting cultures. To live in Berlin you have to be cosmopolitan, with an open mind to discover things never seen in other parts of the world. Urban art is completely wild, so I would also recommend having a positive disposition to see walls and walls full of graffiti.

Willie, says: 2020

When moving here know we have a lot of nice parks and tall, but very old buildings. There are a lot of cafes and the people are usually very friendly to foreigners. Overall my city is famous for its youth culture and offers many opportunities for young artists to live their dream. We have a lot of great graffiti art, which you can see for example at the Berlin wall.

Stephen, says: 2020

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