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Living in Bellingham, Washington:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

seven local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Bellingham, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked seven people living in Bellingham what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Bellingham is a bigger city with the feel of a small town. Lots of arts and theater venues bring the community together. The weather is mild all year but we do get a lot of rain as well. We say the rain is what makes our city so lush and green.

Clayton, says: 2020

This beautiful city does not lack in vivacity, has remarkable coffee, offers amazing landscape views, and has a youthful vibe. There’s always something to do, whether it’s hiking on a nearby trail or kayaking on the bay. As a result of being centered around two local universities, Bellingham guarantees a multitude of expressive art and opinions. The residents of this small, but bustling city are unique, friendly, and very commonly eco-conscious.

Courtney, says: 2020

Someone moving to my city should know it is extremely expensive to rent an apartment here. The vacancy rate is low and renters have no rights. Most jobs do not pay enough to comfortably cover rent. While it is even more expensive to rent apartments in nearby Seattle, that city at least has more job options than mine does.

Bellingham, Washington, sprawls against the coast, overlooking Bellingham Bay and the San Juan Islands. Only 50 miles away is Mount Baker, a popular escape for skiers and snowboarders, covered in snow year-round. For those seeking a closer escape into the wilderness, the Chuckanut Mountains border the city to the south.

Oceana, says: 2020

Bellingham, once four separate towns, is a medium-sized coastal city. There are many parks and trails throughout the city and to the east is Mount Baker, a volcano with several ski runs. In the city there are museums and theaters and the famous Bellis Fair Mall. There is an activity for every kind of personality in this beautiful corner of the Pacific Northwest.

Bellingham offers everything from outdoor adventures to a vibrant nightlife. With Mt. Baker not too far away, there are plenty of opportunities for snow sports and hiking. The waterfront provides gorgeous sunset views and the chance to get out on the water and boat.

If visiting Bellingham be aware of the stunning beauty of a sunrise seen over snow-capped mountains. While standing facing East in any open part of the city Mount Baker can be seen dominating the horizon on a clear day. When the sun first lights the purple morning sky, and begins to burn the mountain pink, no greater beauty can be imagined.

Damarriyah, says: 2020

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