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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Batangas City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 55 people living in Batangas City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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If you’re moving to Batangas, you’ll need to know their language and how they speak because you might misunderstand. Batanguenos are often mistaken as angry when they speak because of their tone of voice.

Batangas City is famous for its Kapeng Barako. This term “Kapeng Barako” defines kape as “coffee” and barako “strong”. Aside from coffee, there are a lot of well known food like puto, champorado, lomi and bulalo. Moreover, the people in our city have high-pitched voices.

Carmela, says: 2020

Batangas City is famous as a town for brewed coffee known as kapeng barako. This is also describes Batangueños to be strong and brave. Famous Taal Volcano is one of the tourists spots most people visit. People in Batangas are friendly, hospitable and has a very distinct accent. Visit and explore the city!

The friendly, hospitable, and happy people. Also the beautiful beaches and mountains nearby. The coffee that is called “kapeng barako” which is the city is known for. They should also try the famous “Loming Batangas” and the “Bulalo”. They can also visit the historical church which is the Taal Church that is just 20 minutes away from Batangas City.

You have nothing to worry about moving in to our city. Transportation wise, public vehicles are available anytime of the day. There are also lots of establishments nearby including malls and restaurants so you need not to worry about your necessities. Wonderful neighbors is a plus. You will definitely love living in our city.

People here in Batangas are nice and friendly. The food we have here is delicious. You should try it, especially Loming Batangas. Houses here are cheap but they have great quality. They can also go to the beach nearby to relax.

Jocelyn, says: 2020

Batangas City is a medium size city. It is both traditional and modern because of having several festivals celebrated by the locals. It is the “Industrial Port of CALABARZON”. It is the fourth richest province. One of the most competitive cities today. People in Batangas City are hospitable.

Crystal, says: 2020

Batangas City is a fascinating city. Most people view it as one of the greatest cities in the Philippines. Batangas has its own beautiful and eye-catching beaches that will make you visit. Also, Batangas has the most kind-hearted and hospitable people who you cannot even forget. Our city is the best place to stay in. We also have this famous place known as Tagaytay where you can have a glimpse in Taal Volcano’s view. Moving in Batangas will be a better decision to make because our city has its own unique people and a wonderful places to go to.

The heritage town where it is famous for. The old Spanish ambiance it gives and the huge basilica in the heart of the city. But you can’t also miss the tempting aroma of the local delicacies, the elegance of a once prosperous and famous city and the shadows of former life it cherished.

Te person must know that the way ‘Batangeños’ speak is like they are always trying to pick a fight with someone. Though Batangeños sound like that, he/she must also know that Batangeños are good-hearted folks and are very hospitable. Batangas City is also the home of the most competitive people in the Philippines.

Jonathan, says: 2020

Batangas City is the home of the most competitive people, know that the accent and/or tone of ‘Batangeños’ has nothing to do with how they are currently feeling, since Batangas accent and/or tone sounds like one is always having a fight with someone.

Batangas city has a longer period of hot season compare to other cities in the Philippines. The locals here are conducting festivals annually. Also, there are many white sand beaches here. Many tourists were visiting this city every summer that’s why everyone moving here must consider wearing comfortable clothes.

Our city is full of disciplined people. We are also hospitable and caring. Batangas has many beaches and resorts around the province. We are also known for our “kapeng barako” (black coffee) and “tablea” which is made from cocoa. We also have “panocha” and “kakanin” with so many varieties where you can choose from.

Jaymar, says: 2020

Batangas City is the capital of the province of Batangas in the Philippines. It is a city known for its rich history, scenic spots, diversity in its population and adherence to things of tradition. It being the capital of the province, It is a place where people go to to study, a most universities in the region, is in it, and all the things one might need to survive can be found in it. A person may have been to different places in all parts of the world, but he still will go back to his home, if that home is Batangas City.

Janice, says: 2020

Batangas City is well known for its Kapeng Barako which is freshly ground coffee beans. There are also numerous places where you can enjoy sightseeing and other outdoor and indoor activities. Batangas Province is also known for being one of the battle grounds during the Spanish colonization in the Philippines.

Kristel, says: 2020

Batangas City is a great place. You should consider a place where you are close to establishments like convenience stores, churches, schools, etc. The cost of living here is not that high compared to other cities in our province. Having you here will be a pleasure.

It’s a very wonderful city where you can find many tourist spots that are popular in the country. The people are very hospitable and friendly because you can feel the warm welcome of the people once you have visited our city. They wear smile on their faces. They are very approachable.

Julliana, says: 2020

The people in this city are humble and honest people. They rise up early in the morning to start the day as early as they can. They also like to socialize with everyone in the neighborhood. every 4:00 in the afternoon kids will be playing by the streets and enjoying their day.

Shenna, says: 2020

Batangas City is a well-known province in the Philippines in Region 4-A Calabarzon. It is popular for having beautiful travel destinations like clean beaches, mountains for hiking and Eco-friendly city. Many tourist often says that people in Batangas are hospitable and respectful. We also have delicious delicacies which surely anyone will enjoy.

Alexene, says: 2020

Batangas City is a very environmental-friendly place. The first thing people who wish to move to this city must know is that plastic bags are not allowed. You have to bring your own biodegradable bags or shopping baskets when you go the grocery or to the mall. Second, Batangas City also has a lot of remarkable beach resorts that offer great unwinding activities like snorkeling, diving and more. The city is a center of industrial plants especially in the oil and gas industry, which is a good place to find jobs once you have settled in in the city.

Divina, says: 2020

A move is considered for the first time if he deserves to live in a place like a city, because he will first find out everything, he must learn to adapt so that he will not be counted there, he must be able to get along, make friends and above all understanding and humble always in dealing with people.

Cherme, says: 2020

Batangas City is the home of brewed coffee and special lomi. You will enjoy different beaches and beautiful destinations. This is the place where you will meet beautiful and kind people. The nature is so close to all and you will enjoy life as a whole. The climate is suitable for vacationing and doing worthwhile activities. You will learn how fall in love with the place.

Monette, says: 2020

In Batangas City if you ever decided to move here, you won’t be disappointed because the citizens here are very nice and hospitable. When you want to take your vacation here, you wouldn’t be bored because there are so many attractions in this city. There are beautiful ladies and gentlemen too.

Gracious, says: 2020

Batangas City is one of the first class cities in the province of Batangas, Philippines. It is famous for its “lomi,” a variety of thick fresh egg noodles. There are a lot of jobs in Batangas City because it is Industrial Port City in the entire region. the city is stable in terms of education, transportation, and industrialization.

Joanafe, says: 2020

Residing in a city such as Batangas should consider for one to be foremost an environment-friendly resident, for the city embodies a hometown that strictly abides with the no usage of plastics so as to help with breaking down the damaging effects of climate change. One should also be sociable as for every person dwelling the city would welcome everyone warmly, thus requiring for one moving around the area to pack up their brightest smiles and funny stories as they get to know the natives alongside a steaming cup of the ever famous Kapeng Barako.

Our city has a lot of tourist attractions. We are also known for pottery, coffee making, and coconut wine. A lot of them says that people here are very talkative and it seems that they’re mad but trust me, they’re nice and helping people. It is not modern and advanced like other cities but I swear you’ll enjoy being here.

Batangas City is popular for tourist attractions. There are many beaches to choose from. Each of them are popular thus, during summer, it is flooded by many people from different places. It is also known for the “kapeng barako”, a coffee known for its strong scent and taste. Batangas City really is a must-see.

Shannen, says: 2020

Batangas City, a first class city is one of the competitive cities in the Philippines. Being surrounded by bodies of water, it is constantly visited by 100s of tourists. Aside from that, living on the province would let you relax. The calm and green surroundings would erase you from stress brought by the urban communities.

In moving to my hometown you will meet lot of people who are hospitable and kind. In my city there are many tall trees that give a cool and refreshing feeling. We also have beautiful beaches. Living in this kind of surrounding is what everybody wants.

Franco, says: 2020

Batangas City is a home town of almost 330,000 individuals. The city is the capital of Batangas (Province) and was known for its huge contribution not only to the economy of the province but in whole country as well. you can find different establishments, tourist spots, and hospitable people who were honed by its culture and tradition.

In Batangas, there are lots of beautiful places that you should know. Our City is very popular among tourists because of its wonderful places that you can’t resist visiting. If you love beaches, you should visit Laiya, our most famous place for having the best beaches and resorts. You can also find our own version of Disney Land in Lemery Batangas. It is called Fantasy World, an old but gold amusement park which is a popular destination for those who love photography. There are still tons of places that our City has to offer. If you want to know more about this City, you should start to move here and see it for yourself.

Janine, says: 2020

Our city is known for its beautiful beaches, one example is the Anilao beach, which is also a known diving spot in the Philippines. Aside from this, the “Kapeng Barako” is known for its strong and fragrant smell. Batangueños are also known to be hospitable.

It is hard to live in my city. Less job to work on. Mostly, jobs are about farming. There are many trees within the city and so the air is fresh and it is quiet. Less cars so there is no noise pollution. The prices of commodities here are low.

Danica, says: 2020

The Batangas City is one of the riches cities in the Philippines because of its natural resources. It is rich in mango, knife, beaches and delicacies. People in the city are good and known because of their hospitality. when it comes to work their are companies and factory that can over a job.

In my city in, We are known for having a white beaches and different mountains. There are also lot of different tourist spots that you can find here. Fishing and farming are the common sources of income of its people. People here are also known for being hospitable and generous.

There are beautiful beaches in our city. Our City is also well-known for its famous coffee farm found in various places. There, you can also find plenty of fresh vegetables. Bayanihan still exists in our city which made its people live harmoniously. Education is really important in our place being one of the main priorities of our government.

Batangas City is one of the places you should consider due to its rich culture and tourist spots such as the Taal Volcano which is the smallest active volcano in the world. Additionally, the province has many beaches and is famous for its excellent diving spots including Anilao in Mabini, Sombrero Island in Tingloy, Ligpo Island in Bauan, these areas more popularly known as Anilao.

Christine, says: 2020

Know there is perpetually heavy traffic in the city regardless of the time of the day. Aside from traffic, there’s also the extreme hot weather all throughout the day. However, Batangas has the best beaches in the country where you can bask all day under the warm glow of the sun.

Johnvic, says: 2020

If any person moves here she should know it is very strict in implementing rules such as proper waste segregation and compliance in paying local taxes. Other places in the Philippines specifically in Metro Manila are not visually pleasing and dirty because their local government are not proactive in implementing such rules. Some corporations in such areas are not paying their taxes as well.

My city in is one of the most rich city in our country. We also have outstanding landmarks and tourist site where you can relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Our city has also good modes of transportation so you can go wherever you wanted to. With all of this, I think that our city can be considered a nice place.

It can be the perfect home for everyone. With lots of adventures to conquer and beaches to go in summer, this place is paradise. My community doesn’t only boost itself in the tourism area, but the values that you are going to learn here and realize will make your life go into a big turn. we Batanguenos aren’t perfect human beings, but just like all of us, we tend to create an optimistic world of our own where there are imperfect articulations and such but what’s important is the happiness that will linger among all of us.

Michelle, says: 2020

in the Philippines, you should look forward to our Kapeng Barako. Batangas City is known for Kapeng Barako which is a well-known coffee that is savory. My city also have beaches that have clear waters and fine sand. Also, did you know that my city contains a volcano within a lake? YES.

Toribio, says: 2020

Our city is near the beach and easy access to other provinces via the sea. With lots of destinations to choose and relax. The people are very welcoming and hospitable. here, we also have a festival which is the Sublian Festival every January and we have Flores de Mayo every May.

Rosendo, says: 2020

Batangas has a population of more than 300,000 people. Most locals have a really strong accent that you won’t hear from any part of the country. Residents of Batangas are called “Batangueños”. The city has a number of popular dishes that we are proud of, the “Loming-Batangas and Gotong-Batangas to name a few.

Locals from the city of Batangas have a very distinguished accent when they speak. We typically use the word “ala eh” in our dialogues when we talk to people regardless if they are locals or not of the city. Batangas City is also known for producing the popular blade “Balisong or Butterfly knife” known around the world.

Sophia, says: 2020

Batangas Province is one among the many places in the Philippines where you can find beautiful, white-sand beaches. The province is rich in culture, with traces of Spanish influence in its individual cities. The famous “Batangas lomi” can be found in different barrios and restaurants. Batangas province is a good place to move!

Maxinne, says: 2020

If somebody will consider moving here, know that even if the people speak loud and strong, they are not angry, it is just the accent of the people who lived here. He/she must also consider bringing swimming attire because Batangas also has a lot of beautiful beaches that is worth visiting for.

Noveleen, says: 2020

You must learn how to understand the Batangueno language! He/she must understand that talking loudly doesn’t mean we’re mad or anything, most people here are just used to speaking in that manner. They also should know where to find the best lomi, of course! Lomi is like one of the things Batangas pride over and to move here is to appreciate such divine creation.

Jaymes, says: 2020

Know Batangueños are known to have naturally loud voices. They shouldn’t think that one is mad by raising their voice while engaging themselves in a conversation. Batangas, specifically its capital, Batangas City, prohibits the usage of plastic. The municipality expects its people to also be disciplined enough to follow basic regulations.

We have our own accent in Batangas which we call “Batangueño accent” and Filipinos adore it. And we have many ancient stuffs here that we are so proud of like the “balisong” which is a knife, the “maliputo” a fish of Bauan, the ancient and stunning church of Taal, Batangas. But what’s most admirable here is that the people here are so approachable -it is our Filipino hospitality.

If someone likes to swim and explore different islands, my city is one of the best when it comes to that aspect. Also, the people are very hospitable and kind. An island ambiance is what my city can give to those who want to have a peaceful and happy life.

Batangas City has a unique taste of bittersweet coffee called ‘Kapeng Barako’. Many tourists enjoy sipping a hot of coffee in the early morning. People believe that it is a great way to start your day right. It is not just served in the streets of Batangas City near the Basilica Church, but also in the hotels that views can be very breathtaking.

Crystal, says: 2020

Batangas City is where all Batangueños reside or originate. We are known to have loud voices and tones that mislead people in assuming that we are always mad. Despite this, Batangueños are hospitable and they will always want what’s best for you. Batangas City is also known for its original and exotic Filipino delicacies that others can’t pull off, just like our Gotong Batangas and Loming Batangas. Batangueños also produce one of the strongest blends of coffee which is Kapeng Barako. There are a lot of great places and opportunities found here, and that’s why I recommend moving here.

Our city port is the second largest seaport in the Philippines making it as economically developed as the country’s capital of Manila, The people here are very hospitable to locals and tourists. Housing is very affordable as many small companies owns real estates and/or subdivisions. There may not be many places to travel around as it is the state’s capital, but the experiences that can be acquired will forever marked on your dreams.

Batangas City is a humid city even in the rainy seasons. However, this is what Filipinos can consider as a peaceful city for it is in one of the provinces of the Philippines. Compared to Manila, Batangas City offers fresh air, more trees, and overall a good place. This city is also known for its numerous beaches and overall fantastic scenery. The people in this city are one of the nicest and most generous people who you can meet. These people are also one of the most humble and hospitable people in the entirety of the Philippines.

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