Living in Bamenda, Cameroon:
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If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Bamenda, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked eight people living in Bamenda what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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If you’re moving to Bamenda you’ll have to mind your own business. You don’t call off the shots there. Just stay put and avoid walking around. It isn’t safe to do so. Limit anything that could bring up suspicions of being against the separatists fighters. French shouldn’t be a language you should speak in public. It’s a ghost town, better stay indoors.

If you’re moving to the North West you’ll be marveled with the relief and the beautiful culture of the people. It is known to be the bread basket of the country with a variety of food such as plantains, vegetables, rice and many others. It is unique in its characteristics and it is known for being the best region when it comes to education in the country.

Njeba Kourage Fahke, says: 2022

Crises ongoing now in Bamenda. Roads here are not good. Food here is relatively cheap. He inhabitants are hospitable. English and French are spoken widely. The staple food here are, fufu corn and vegetable and assorted type of prepared chicken; water fufu and eru, achy and yellow soup. Transportation here is by taxi, but only bikes access the remote areas.

My city has amazing museums, beautiful hotels and nice landscapes. The restaurants found here to serve very delicious food. The people too are welcoming and always with a smile on. There exist many tribes too which have amazing cultures which anyone coming here will find intriguing. The weather too is very conducive.

My city is an urban city, having a commercial street or avenue. There is the main market and several small markets are also available. The city is an academic center with schools and institutions. However, there are good tourist sites to visit and have a great time. Couple with numerous restaurants and places of entertainment.

Julius, says: 2020

The weather is cold and make provision for warm cloths. Equally check out for the security situation and ensure that you do not get into trouble be it with the security forces or the local warriors. The road in to the city is not in good shape and so drive with care.

Efuelefack, says: 2020

Bamenda is in the northwest part of Cameroon. It has a population of approximately two million inhabitants. There are two main languages that are spoken by the people of this region. There are many tribes and each tribe has a ruler.

Bamenda is the heart if the North West Region. The people here are very hardworking and we enjoy going out and drinking over the weekends. The main market is always bustling with traders and buyers. You can find everything you need at the main market, but you have to remember to always beat the price of whatever it is you want to buy. My city is full of friendly people and you just need to ask for help if you are lost and they would make sure you get what you need.

Julius, says: 2020

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