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Living in Bacoor City, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

80 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Bacoor City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 80 people living in Bacoor City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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80 comments on “Bacoor City”

Bacoor City is known for oysters and mussel products. But from an agriculture-based industry, the booming Bacoor community has become a top urban center in Cavite. Also the Bakood Festival is a cultural festival, founding anniversary, and religious fiesta in Bacoor City, Cavite, Philippines every September.

It is absolutely a good place, and great environment. The city is very safe and clean. It has a great hospital facility and great local market. There are a lot of malls, a drugstores accessible to people. Bar’s, restaurants and cafe that gives a great service and serves great food and drinks.

Marice, says: 2020

Bacoor City is a recently progressed city near south of national capital, which has the advantage of being nearest in Manila, our national capital. So for someone who plans to move in our place for a new life, he or she should consider also the advantages of he city including the presence of progressed public business establishments such as nearby malls, stores, groceries, eateries banks and many more. In other words life and living in our city is also convenient.

Bacoor is close to 2 other cities, Las Pinas and Paranaque. It is also, an hour’s drive to the active Taal Volcano found in Tagaytay City. Residing in Bacoor will most likely require a person to commute two to four hours a day due to the overwhelming heavy traffic. Bacoor is also home to some resorts as well as some good schools like Divine Light Academy and Elizabeth Seton. The current Mayor is Lani Mercado, who is also the wife of Senator Bong Revilla. Mayor Mercado was formerly the Congresswoman of Bacoor.

Kristoffer, says: 2020

For someone who’s considering to move in our city, Bacoor City, he should first enjoy the scenery as he travels because there will be beautiful sights on his way to the city. I bet he is already aware that Filipinos are hospitable and helpful. With that, he’ll see that though life is not perfect and easy, Filipinos will still smile and help each other out in times of trouble.

In our city we have zero crime rate and a safe environment. There are also beautiful view here in our city and the people in our community are good to live with. Many tourists had been here many times because of the unforgettable experiences in different tourist spots.

Haydee, says: 2020

My city is well-known for being close to Metro Manila, and still enjoy the advantages of being in a province. Bacoor is a haven for employees working in Pasay, Parañaque, and Muntinlupa. It is also known for oysters and mussels. We even have a place named “Talaba”, which is the Tagalog translation of Oysters.

Monina, says: 2020

The City of Bacoor is known for being the Marching Band Capital of the Philippines. We celebrate a lot by having a band in the streets. Even the mayor’s birthday is celebrated by the whole city. and the city is also known for Tahong Festival and for having the best Halo-halo from Barangay Digman.

Jewellie, says: 2020

My city is the home of mussel farms and salt fields, and marching bands in the Philippines. Festivities are just the bare minimum of what our culture is like. Outsiders must not be weary or too trusting of our very friendly and hospitable nature, rather they must just do as the Romans do.

Lowelin, says: 2020

My city at has plenty of markets and malls around, a lot of people are always gathering around. The city is quite top hill because it used to be a hill, people are kind and humble. The city is also great because of its atmosphere, there’s a lot of trees around it.

Bacoor, Cavite, is known as the Marching Capital of the Philippines. It is near Metro Manila and is the most populated city in Cavite, with approximately 600,000 occupants as of writing. Residents of Bacoor can enjoy the peacefulness of living in a rural area while being strategically near the metro.

Bacoor City is an urbanized area. For someone who is residing in the province, the city is modernized. You don’t have to travel long hours just to get to malls, cinemas,, etc. All places of entertainment are available here. The people here are quite friendly and are easily to get along with.

Shania, says: 2020

Our city is near the flag capital of the Philippines. Our governor is Gov. Jonvic Remulla; our mayor is honorable Lani Revilla. Our city is breathtaking. A lot of tourists visit and some foreigners live here because of the tourist spots nearby. Our city is in the south where a lot of beaches can be seen.

Patrice, says: 2020

The locality is best known for its oysters and mussel products. But from an agriculture-based industry, the booming Bacoor community has become a top urban center in Cavite. Aside from the many subdivisions, there are many shopping malls found in the area. Also, we have the best Halo-Halo in Digman!

Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines, has a low cost of living and in addition to that, has lots of places to check out when needed. Most of the city’s districts are poor and best described as “Middle Class”, so it is important to learn what to expect when moving to the city. The weather in the city depends on the season of the year, becoming extremely hot during summer, and mildly cold during the rainy season. Speaking of rainy season, only few districts in the city experience flooding and it is important to choose a specific location in the city when deciding to move in.

Eunice, says: 2020

Bacoor City is known for being the Marching Band Capital of the Philippines. The name Bacoor is derived from the word fence, which is known in the Filipino word as, “Bakod”. The infamous bridge of Zapote is also in the city. Fresh mussels and other seafood are our signature food. The previous city mayor Strike Revilla, is the main reason why the Bacoor had become a city in the first place.

Cheljee, says: 2020

Bacoor is the parade capital of the Philippines. This city is home to the most successful people in the country, namely, the Villars and the Ayalas. In here, you can find great opportunities in school and in finding a job. We also have here a great amount of entertainment locations such as malls, restaurants, and shopping areas.

Abigail, says: 2020

It can sometimes be tiring to travel here especially on Fridays for you will experience heavy traffic thus some raw can be really narrow especially if the number of cars is double, it would be really hassled. But if you survive the traffic, there are many tourist spots you can travel to especially when you head downtown.

Bacoor City is continuously developing throughout the years, just know that you should be prepared for one of the worst traffic jams you could experience, especially on weekdays. living in this city is convenient, especially that there are already various establishments being developed around different villages.

Estela, says: 2020

My thought in making decision to where you live is how would you want to feel while living there. Choosing where you live will not only make you motivated but also feel the good energy that your chosen environment affect on you. people are very welcoming and will accept you wholeheartedly. These people also makes sure that everybody feels safe.

This city is very reliable to move to where you get to visit places like resorts, malls, and parks. Also, we have accessible transportation here and companies that you can work with. here, you can visit our neighbouring cities in less than one hr depending on the condition of traffic. It may not be the best city to move to but it can provide you services that you can access.

Bacoor City is one of the most beautiful city in the south, it is the most transformed city in the Philippines, and is dubbed as one of the most peaceful. It is also found at the skirts of Metro Manila. The Mayor in the city is Lani Mercado, one of the brightest stars in the 90’s.

Our City is the one beside Metro Manila. It is a combination of urban and rural community with a blend of mix culture from the old city and the metro life. A fusion of perfect outcome among the community where everybody will blend and enjoy the environment aura.

Everyone who would consider living in Bacoor city should know about certain rules that are implemented here. Each city has their own set of rules that are specifically for the people living there. An action that you may be able to do in Manila city, for example, may not be allowed in Bacoor City.

Bacoor is just 15-30 minutes drive away from Manila. people want to live here because of its greener environment and not so congested area. Bacoor is the most civilized city in Cavite where you can have an easy access to schools, hospital and malls. This is also a good place where you can build your businesses.

Moving to Bacoor City is delightful. The community is very peaceful and helps each other a lot. Although, the city suffers from heavy traffic, so if you are working outside the city you might want to spare 2-3 hours of your time in commuting. You are also close to everything. If you need to go shopping, there’s a mall near. If you need to buy car parts, there’s a store just around the corner. It’s a great place.

Bacoor City has many malls adjacent to subdivisions making it a city that is appealing. It is only a few minutes drive from Metro Manila and a gateway to many other provinces like Laguna and Batangas. It is also easily accessible from Las Piñas, Parañaque and Alabang.

Elaiza, says: 2020

Before completely relocating in Bacoor City, they should first be aware of how prone to floods the whole area is. Even with minimal rain showers, you should expect an immediate rise of water level along the roads. Thus, making it a lot more difficult for vehicles to pass by. one should also know how bad traffic here every morning.

Christine, says: 2020

Bacoor City is the heart of Cavite. It is 20 mins drive to Manila proper. Bacoor is one of the nearest cities in NCR which you will really feel the warmth and peace of being in a province. You can also find nice place to relax line resorts and spas around the corner.

Bacoor City is the Marching Band Capital of the Philippines. That being said, we are the home of talented marching bands of our country. I recommend you witness the Marching Band Parade in our City every 1st Sunday of May. Also, my hometown is near in Manila. I assure you, our city is worth it.

Floreza, says: 2020

Bacoor City is the “Marching Band Capital of the Philippines.” During April, many famous marching bands gather to showcase their talents in a street parade called ‘Bakood Festival’. Many tourists also look forward to Bacoor City’s famous dishes mostly containing oysters and clams served during the festival.

Consider moving here because of its peacefulness and quiet urban community. It is also popular for having numerous great resorts, perfect for relaxing and family outing. it’s closer to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, in which you can travel for work easily or for leisure.

Misuzu, says: 2020

If one is going to move to my city, they should prepare for the intense traffic because of the numerous establishments not just in in the main road but also in small streets. Another thing related to that is that they have plenty of malls to choose from. They also have plenty of options of housing if they ever decide to move here.

Sophia, says: 2020

Bacoor City is somehow a populated city. This is why traffic is very much common in here. Nevertheless, there are lots of houses that they could consider if they are moving in. There are also institutions, like malls, schools, and hospitals nearby, which are very important for every families. It would be a good option for anyone.

Valerie, says: 2020

Consider having a car as it is very hot in Bacoor and traffic is such as issue as well. It is just more convenient to have your own transport rather than go through the daily commute to get to your workplace. Other than that the town and the people are friendly so moving here should be a good decision.

There will be many drug addicts around especially around Zapote. Second, transportation sucks here so do mind the long lines on UV Express Stations. Third, multiple government projects are left unattended. just don’t go here. There are more places which are much more worth it.

The City of Bacoor is fifteen minutes from Metro Manila. It is near the coastal area and surrounded by a body of water. It is a great place to start a family because of the laid back community and it is less polluted. The area of Bacoor can easily a lot of places from the capital or to any tourist destination in the south.

Bacoor is a suburban city where you will expect to see a lot of residential homes and industrialized buildings. Our city has grown exponentially for the past years, and it has progressed rapidly. As corporate buildings are built, many jobs have been opened for its citizens. But it never leaves its own rural side to which it has been from the beginning, as we also seek to focus on its agricultural growth.

Richard, says: 2020

Bacoor City is very near metropolitan Manila and surrounded by residential areas, malls, and other business places. It’s easy to travel from places because of good public transportation. Many people live here because of the proximity to work and recreation as well. My place is also near the airport, seaport and major bus terminals. People here came from different provinces of the country.

Reymart, says: 2020

Currently our city is dealing with a flow on traffic, considering that we’re so close to Metro Manila. However, you have a lot of things to look forward to. From all the beautiful attractions are city has to offer to the foods and delicacies each town has to offer, you won’t be disappointed but rather be excited to come move to our city.

They can consider moving here because our city is already developing. We also have multiple accessible roads that can lead you anywhere. Many high-end subdivisions are also present here along with commercial buildings. Our modes of transportation is also dependable here because again, as what I’ve said, we are a developing city and is accessible through many ways.

Suzette, says: 2020

Bacoor City is great, it is near NCR, near malls, accessible to all, has great property value due to being near infrastructure and being near roads leading to the airport and other essentials. It also has deep history which is worth knowing. this city holds culinary treasures that are worth it to try.

People who are globally competitive individuals with a heart of passion and a competent mind. People who are of great minds with a humble spirit are to consider moving here. With kindness and not with a boastful spirit because what matters most is the manners and not the intelligence of a person.

Bacoor, Cavite, is one of the most developed cities in the South. It is a city that is continuously developing with its own character and charm. Both middle and upper class families live in the city because of its accessibility to and from the city of Manila. It is a great place.

Twinkle, says: 2020

Consider having your own vehicle if you move here. Although there are public transport available, commuters outnumber the vehicles. Another thing to consider is the lifestyle that one has. Living in my city is quiet laid back so if you are you used to live in a busy city, you might easily get bored.

Joanna, says: 2020

Bacoor City is a one of the municipalities of Cavite. It is also one of the fast-growing cities with great opportunities. Malls, restaurants, business establishments, Universities and Colleges are also within the City. You should consider moving here because there are low cost housing and executive villages. Transportation is also just around the corner, from tricycles to jeeps, cabs and buses.

Avilene, says: 2020

Ever since, I have been raised in Bacoor City, which is in the province of Cavite in the Philippines. My city has been regarded as the “Marching band capital of the Philippines”; whereas, various performances of marching bands are to be held yearly. This is something to look forward in to, if by any chance you want to visit my homeland.

Albert, says: 2020

Bacoor is great place! You are just 15 minutes away to the main city. People are friendly and very hospitable. The houses that is for sale are very affordable if you’re planning to buy for your future. We also have multiple transportation means if you want to go to the main city.

Vincent, says: 2020

Our city is highly urbanized. The downside of this is the existence of slum areas within its barangays. Although there are a number of police offices and barangay patrols within Bacoor city, it is still important to take precaution at night. On the other hand, there are a lot of convenience stores and malls around which could enable residents to acquire their needs and wants almost whenever they wish.

Bacoor City is a city in Cavite, Philippines which is the Marching Band capital of the country. It is beside the Metropolitan Manila and is, therefore, accessible to malls and trading center of the Philippines. Many people who don’t want to be in Metro Manila but needs the same feeling goes here.

I’m from Bacoor City, Cavite, Philippines. My city is beautiful and safe to travel. The cost of living is very low, and the people are nice and hospitable. Bacoor City, Cavite, is a place that everyone’s dream. There are also tourist spot to visit and to travel.

Our city is known as the Talaba Capital in Cavite. It is the most accessible city among the other cities. It is near Metro Manila and everything you need is very reachable. Our city is the best among other Cities in Cavite because it is the first city in the south you will enter from Metro Manila. Accessible and a great place to move.

Jenalyn, says: 2020

You need to know the City of Bacoor is an urban center. This is a good city to move to if you aim to be close enough to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, while staying close to nature. This city is the best place as its area is convenient and comfortable. May it be the shopping malls, many subdivisions or its easy access to and from the capital with the use of expressways. The City of Bacoor continues to thrive and living here will surely give you that “fast-paced” life.

When moving to Bacoor, one should consider the distance from one’s workplace. Bacoor is a developing city with accessible public transportation and increasing private highway constructions that easily connects the city to others. It is closest to the National Capital Region which lets employees or other workers live just right outside the main business region of the country at a relatively low cost.

I can fearfully say that Bacoor City is one, remarkable city in Cavite. It really has a lot to offer. Starting from food, astonishing tourist destinations and most especially, its hospitable and warm people. It also is being led by one great leader who takes care of her constituents. With those being said, the City of Bacoor is indeed a great place to move.

Bacoor City has multicabs for transportation vehicles instead of normal jeepneys only. Bacoor City is near with Alabang and Las Piñas City which make it very accessible to everyone. Living in Bacoor City is very comfortable because although it is a city, living here is also like living in a province.

Teodora, says: 2020

Bacoor City is near NCR which makes it accessible for the commute. It is also near commercial landmarks which raises property values. Bacoor also has lots of history which one should really know about, it also features delicacies that are deserving of a taste. it is a beautiful city.

Avegale, says: 2020

Our city is filled with good people coming from different backgrounds. We became a city a few years ago. We only have two malls but we have a lot of farm areas that would look amazing on cameras. Despite the different scenery, I cannot deny that we have a severe case of air pollution due to the influx of cars coming from the mainland.

Lorraine, says: 2020

Prepare yourself for hot days. It is actually very humid during day. It is a populous area which is ranked eighth in the country. It is rich in culture and history. History consists of the time we were colonized by Spain, America and Japan. Due to these events, there are many landmarks that could also be visited.

Our city is full of hospitable people. They love hanging out with different people who is why our community is the best place with. Having said that you should consider moving to our community to experience that as well. First, the scenery are breathtaking. come to our place and experience the beauty of it.

The most important is to understand the demographic before coming here. Do not try to turn it into a quiet suburb. It has never been, and will never be. Learn the neighborhoods before deciding where to move. although you will be making this your home, you do not own Bacoor. If you don’t like diversity, meaning seeing mostly colorful faces everywhere, do not come here. It is very expensive, so be prepared to have at least one roommate. However, as long as you are okay with that, get ready to experience some amazing food, meet awesome people, and gain experiences that will prepare you for anything in the world.

Sheony, says: 2020

Someone moving to Bacoor City must be aware of its different transportation systems. Although Bacoor City is near Metro Manila, there are only a few means of transportation available such as jeepneys, taxis, tricycles, and vans. These modes of transportation are not suitable for every route so if one moves to my city, one must plan their route.

Robbie, says: 2020

It has easy access to the Metro. It’s also near the school, church, supermarket and shops. We also had friendly and caring neighbors too. They also have strict compliance for the security of those who goes in and out of the city.

Dominic, says: 2020

Bacoor City is between the rural areas of Cavite and Metro Manila. It is a bridge between the urbanized cities and the rural countryside areas. Therefore, living in Bacoor City means that you can easily access different places. Whether you want to shop around or get your space and breathe, there are specific areas in Bacoor City that will serve your needs!

The booming city of Bacoor is a first class municipality in the province of Cavite. Slowly but surely rising in the past years. A well-built city hall is placed in the heart of the city along Bacoor Boulevard (formerly Molino Blvd.) Bacoor, Cavite. The city is best known for its mussel and oyster products.

Nicole, says: 2020

Bacoor is the first town of the province of Cavite, which is on the south of Luzon island. Mussels and oysters are abundant in the city as it lies along the Manila bay. Bacoor is the birthplace of marching bands thus just this month, Bacoor has been formally declared as The Marching Band Capital of the Philippines.

Bacoor is City of bands. It is best known for its musical performers especially street dances. Bacoor is the top urban city in the province of Cavite. It also surrounded with a lot of infrastructure such as shopping malls and cinemas. Bacoor is traffic free at nine am to five pm. Kids and Teens were most likely seen at parks and playing areas. The citizens are especially good and hospitables. Older ones are very accommodating and always look after to younger generations. There are also a lot of good skills and A+ restaurants.

Bacoor is near Metro Manila. My city is broad, there are different kinds of malls here. Great schools are scattered in the area, you’ll have no problem finding one for you children.

Kimberly, says: 2020

Bacoor is a city full of both residence buildings and commercial buildings. Commercial buildings are the main attraction as these are the most visited and suggested places from residents of the city. If you are looking for historical places, there are some landmarks that gives you the nostalgic feeling. Places like the Prinza Dam, Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine, and some barangays that are very much lenient to tradition in decorating their homes. Jeepneys are also used for mass transportation that also enables guests to feel and see the filipino culture. On a more practical approach, livelihood is easy in Bacoor for people can easily go to convenience stores, malls, food stalls, entertainment lounges, and a lot more to keep you distracted from the stress brought by life. I suggest moving to Bacoor if you’re also looking to work near the Metro Manila for the travel time just takes an average of one hour and 30 mins.

Nowielyn, says: 2020

Bacoor City strikes the most balance between urban and rural. Located strategically at the border of Region IV-A and the National Capital Region, Bacoor enjoys the massive economic benefits of being close to the metro while still maintaining some solitude. It is vibrant and lively but can be serene at the same time, sort of like getting the best of both worlds in a city.

Bacoor City is known for numerous low cost real estate developments. And because of these developments, population has grown significantly in the past decade, resulting to heavy traffic going in and out of the city. Bacoor City also was recently declared the home of the marching bands. The parade of musicians should be see by people at least once in their life.

Jaziel, says: 2020

Our city is a very good place. There are a lot of convenience stores, malls, grocery stores so you won’t get hungry and bored from staying a home all-day. The city is also close to the National Capital Region so you won’t have to be stuck in the same city everyday.

This city is highly populated since this is one of the cities just right outside Metro Manila. They should expect heavy traffic especially near well-known malls. Second, Bacoor is also well-known for it low-cost housing designed especially for middle-class people. And this is the perfect combination of city and countryside because this city has a lot of modern facilities here which can provide sufficient services for its residents.

Our city is considered the Band Capital of the Philippines. There are lots of famous food, places that makes our city one of the greatest cities of the Philippines. Our society is well-known for travelling to another cities for work and thus makes us job-oriented.

Someone moving to Bacoor should consider two things. First, he/she needs to know there are areas in the city that get flooded during the rainy season. Some areas get knee-deep flood, but there are others that are over six feet deep. He/She can ask the local village chief, locally known as the punong barangay. Second, he/she should also check with the Phivolcs or the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology if the house he/she moves to is located above a fault line.

Marian, says: 2020

City of Bacoor is closely situated to Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Being near the Metropolitan area, it gives residents chance to explore good career opportunities there. Aside from that, it is now modern and has a lot of potential for those looking for real estate investments. It also possess great economic growth.

Elizer, says: 2020

Someone should know Bacoor is a very safe place in case you are currently looking for a place to reside on. This place is also accessible to basic needs such as public market, transportation, construction and medical supplies and communication offices. You will never regret your decision to move to once you are here.

Cristel, says: 2020

Bacoor is a quiet and safe place, but the problem lies in traffic. Like any other place in the Philippines, Bacoor is not immune to traffic problems. One should wake up an hour or two early for them to get to their destination. Another problem that people should be wary of is the pollution that accumulates the air during the rush hour.

Christine, says: 2020

It’s accessible to neighboring cities albeit traffic one would experience but we have routes where you can use as a shortcut or just simply avoid traffic. We are also known for our oysters and “tahong” which is delicious delicacy and the year-round halo-halo in “Digman”. if you want halo-halo anytime most of bacoorenos would tell you go to “Digman.”

Jinhan, says: 2020

Bacoor is a small city in Cavite. It is an hour drive away from the metro. There are a number of prestigious universities, shopping malls, and the likes. Its residents are very friendly and accommodating to those who are new in the area.

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