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Living in Aurangabad, Maharashtra:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

18 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Aurangabad, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 18 people living in Aurangabad what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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18 comments on “Aurangabad”

Aurangabad is not a metropolitan city. You will have to use buses or auto rickshaw or some public transport. Secondly, here is no issue with your dinners and lunches. It is quite cheap here. Adding to the same we have perfect cinema halls, malls, gardens for your refreshment. They are cheap too. You should surely consider moving here.

The city Aurangabad is a beautiful city with great historic value, one must know the rich history of this city to fall in love. There are two World UNESCO sites in a single city which is Aurangabad. Apart from that the cuisine of Aurangabad is the main attraction of the city.

Karthikeya, says: 2020

Aurangabad is a historic city with many world heritage sites. The city is dependent upon the adjoining industrial areas as its major source of employment. Being centrally in the state of Maharashtra, it is poised to become a major hub for warehousing and transportation. The weather is warm for most of the year.

Salomy, says: 2020

Aurangabad is well known as a city of gates. It has historic importance as world-famous Ajanta and Ellora Caves are situated nearby the city along with Bibi Ka Maqbara which is a replica of world-famous Taj Mahal. Aurangabad is also industrially developed. Jayakwadi Dam is in Paithan nearby the city.

Suhirtha, says: 2020

Aurangabad is a rich heritage city. It has 52 gates each depicting its own story. It also has monuments of great kings and queen. Cost of living is very moderate here. People are very helpful. Climate is also moderate for living. Overall my city is beautiful and visitors from all over the world come see the heritage and culture belonging to that Era which is still intact.

Garima, says: 2020

Aurangabad is an emerging city. It has many upcoming projects such as IT parks, establishment of new industries. The future of this city is bright. There is a scope of starting your own organisation. There would be monopoly in many sectors. Rather than seeking a jobs, this city is open to creating employment.

Aurangabad is an historic city in Maharashtra state and having lots of places to travel like ajanta caves, ellora caves, bibi ka maqbara, etc. The city an historical memories like daulatabad fort and many other food specialities having so much spicy and sweet dishes. It is an industrial city also. The city has an lots of greenery.

Mubashshir, says: 2020

It is historic city in Maharashtra also it is tourism capital of Maharashtra. city has clone of taj mahal that is bibi ka maqbara. City has airport connectivity to Mumbai. There is Ajanta ellora caves near to city about 80 Km. Then Mughal emperor Aurangzeb was lived in Aurangabad. There are 52 gates in aurangabad. that’s why city called city of gates.

Aurangabad is a good city. It’s highly recommended city for standard of living from Marathwada region. But while moving to this city we should choose a good area which will make affect on our life. Some areas of city are highly populated and polluted too. getting a house in city centre is much difficult.

This is a city on the verge of major industrialization and thus attracts markets of all areas. If someone looks to live somewhere in the core of development, this is the best place there is. Also, people looking for big opportunities in jobs from all industries and growth should come here.

Rijiga, says: 2020

He should know the city he moves is a historic city. This is a very beautiful city and more to learn from this city. He would be lucky to come in this kind of city. The prestigious city which depicts the history and past of aurangzeb. This is the city of aurangzeb with number of monuments.

Anandu, says: 2020

It’s comfortable. people are very helpful. You just need to be nice with other. As it is a historical city so you can visit many places if you want. Food is available in many options. need not to be worry about. Basic things like home, entertainment and others are easily available here. For transport purpose you can go with both the options like with your own vehicle or local transport.

Jeyalakshmi, says: 2020

Aurangabad is a very nice city. Nowadays It is developing as a smart city. It is a historical place. It has 52 doors. There is a mini Taj Mahal known as Bibi Ka Maqbara. It is famous for caves of Lord Buddha. There is a Panchakki which shows the production of electricity on water.

Biswajeet, says: 2020

Aurangabad is a city of gates as there are 52 gates in the city. The best area to stay would be N-1 and best hotel is Madhuban Hotel as it is famous for its food. Aurangabad is a historic place. The historic places here that one must visit are Daulatabad fort, Ajanta Caves and BiBi ka Maqbara.

Aurangabad is a historic city in Maharashtra state of India. The city is a tourist hub, surrounded by many historical monuments, including the Ajanta Caves and Ellora Caves, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and Bibi Ka Maqbara and Panchakki… It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

Subham, says: 2020

1. Just be careful of auto drivers in my city.
2. Their are my best places for fast foods so try it asp.
3. If you like shopping at cheaper rates then you should visit the Paithan gate.
4. Don’t use a car for local sightseeing.

Ashima, says: 2020

The road conditions are bad, so travelling will not be a good experience. The historic importance is high so you will enjoy sightseeing. Weather stays almost good every time of the year. Work conditions will be depending on your job type. Residential property will be available in various formats like, rental apartments or ownable houses.

Ridhima, says: 2020

It usually has moderate weather. Aurangabad is the tourism capital of Maharashtra. People from all over the world visit the monuments present in Aurangabad including the world heritage sites – Ajanta and Ellora Caves. Aurangabad is also called the city of gates as it has 52 gates spread over the city.

Shoaib, says: 2020

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