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Living in Angeles City, Philippines:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

49 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Angeles City, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 49 people living in Angeles City what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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49 comments on “Angeles City”

They have to know about the ins and outs of the city since there are a lot of winding roads here. Once they get settled in though, it becomes second nature. Driving around is usually rewarding, as there are numerous restaurants and establishments just waiting to be found. If they don’t happen to have a car or a motorcycle, they could definitely make use of the very accessible public transport that’s in place.

Jolienne, says: 2020

When you’re considering moving our city, I think you should know that we have many Old Churches that build in the Spanish era and our food is one of the delicious things that you might consider it is one of the things why we have many tourists visiting our City.

Summer, says: 2020

People are very kind and hospitable. There are alot of Tourist Destination in our City, You can visit like Manila, Boracay, Palawan, Cebu City, Bohol, El Nido and Etc. Food are delicious, a lot of restaurant has a good food like exotic food. You will never regret that you will visit or you moved in into our city.

Rohamia, says: 2020

The person considering moving to our area should know about the 24 hours transportation and the friendly people who live in the area. Also, everything is so near that they can also walk if they prefer to. And then if they want to do an activity like exercising we do have a nature park that they can go to.

Angeles City is termed Friendship city in the Philippines. Aside from its wild nightlife, Angeles City is known for its delicious food and international cuisines. You can see several foreigners here just walking around and roaming in the busy streets. Angeles City is a combination of city life and some traditional province view.

If you’re looking for great entertainment and great food, come to Angeles City, within the Culinary Capital of the Philippines in the Central Luzon region. Take a flight bound to Clark International Airport and be welcomed by warm smiles of Filipinos that would instantly make you feel at home.

Angeles City is a city like any other—a place filled with bustling streets, especially during the weekends. If one has lived in a rural place for a long time, they might experience culture shock as city life is far from the simple country life. Everything is available in the city except for one thing—silence. You can buy everything you need and every food you crave in the comfort of your home, as online shopping has now become a trend in the city. However, from day to night, you will hear vehicles and passers-by hustle on the streets. If you are moving in Angeles City, you have to embrace the noise and its fast-paced environment.

The Angeles City is an independent city because it managed to split from the Pampanga province. When it comes to news, the city is one of the Philippine city that has a few crimes reported. It is also known for various significant buildings. The cuisine of Angelenos is also extraordinary.

Someone moving here knows that Angeles City is an amazing place. The most visited the Holy Parish Church is the church that has been build from Spanish Era in the Philippines. In the church you can see how the spaniards influence us. You can see all of those in the designs and how the place is build.

Samantha, says: 2020

angeles, Angeles City, is famous for its museums and historical infrastructure. it is famous for being a place for foreigners to relax. Thus, the people are friendly and most use English to interact for foreign nationals. It is also deemed for its safety and having a low crime rates compared to other cities.

Heavy traffic is now a problem in the city, if you have your own vehicle make sure to rent or own a house with garage. Consider a high cost of living because were near Manila. Be sure you are ready for loud noise coming from our native language which is Kapampangan.

Pauline, says: 2020

The city is known for its market area that has a number of products that are significantly cheaper than in any other area. Aside from that there are also numerous universities student might be aiming to apply at. However, due to the area being a highly urbanized city, you can expect traffic during rush hours.

Regina, says: 2020

Considering to move to our city is a first great step in discovering one’s culture and aspirations. They should know about the delicious foods we offer and the hospitable people we have in Angeles City. Fashion and art are exquisitely combined. It is a welcoming city where it embraces the beauty of the past and the delightful importance the future has to give. It is a to-go city where adventure awaits.

Jaymar, says: 2020

Someone who is about to move to Angeles city should know our dialect which is Kapampangan. Most people in Angeles city speak in Kapampangan most of the time and can hardly speak in English. Communication is important in gaining new information that you need so if you will move in Angeles city, you should consider learning our dialect first.

Norica, says: 2020

Angeles City is the culinary capital of the Philippines. Residents of the city are well-trained cooks who cook exceptionally good food. If you were moving here be ready to be enthralled with an explosion of different tastes and smells as you taste all the food and the versions of other foods from the world are done here.

Hilario, says: 2020

Our city is called the city of Angels maybe because it is the city of your dreams where there are a lot of beautiful places. Angeles city is also known for its food, here you can find good restaurants with beautiful ambiance. If moving to this city it would be a great choice because you will be delighted with the scenery, food and the people.

Jerrus, says: 2020

Someone should consider moving here, because it is known for delicious foods. Our city is called the “Culinary Capital of the Philippines”. It is near Clark Airport, the developing and growing business center of Pampanga. Our city is accessible and very convenient. Angeles is a city in the heart of Pampanga. Our city is rich in history and heritage, with old and historical significant buildings, but these days it is best known for its high concentration of casinos, hotel and vibrant nightlife.

The Churches, If moving in Angeles city we have an old church in Angeles city that you must try on visiting during your stay. The different tourist spots you should try on and if you like to visit Museums we also have that in our city that includes in our national history.

Angeles City is a really exciting place that tourists would actually enjoy. If you are new to this city, one should prepare these things– time, money, and an empty heard it right, an empty stomach. Our city is filled with restaurants, food parks, and street foods that are really delicious and make your tummy satisfied. With this, you will also need a lot of time and money to actually enjoy this! Nevertheless, it will all be worth it as you will get to taste delightful meals that you would never forget.

If anyone is to visit the city I am in, I would like them to know the country it is in is a tropical country hence they might want to bring appropriate attire for the warm weather. Matching the physical warmth of the city is the hospitality of locals which will instantly make you feel at home especially once you get a taste of our delightful cuisines.

Beverly, says: 2020

Are you looking for delicious delicacies that could blow your mind? in Angeles City, we offer you the best food you could ever taste! From our sweet, juicy pork that we called tocino to our ever-so delicious bone marrow soup that once you have tasted, you would want more! Moving in our city will yet be the best decision of your life!

Julliana, says: 2020

Angeles City has well known to it’s popular Sisig dish by Aling Lucing, the legend Chef in the province of Pampanga. We the Kapampangans dominates the word of cousine. We encourage everyone tourist, travellers and other people from the whole world to visit our place and we are always willing to share and teach them our culture, traditions and our world class dishes.

Our city is a place where it is very convenient to all companies. There are lots of tourist spots. People are accommodating and hospitable. It is a place where other nationalities visit. Our foods and delicacies delicious. Sports Complex are found where tourist can do leisure and enjoy.

Angeles City is known for its delicious food also my city has a big church in the middle of it. we have large and beautiful parks. My city hosted the Southeast Asian Games last 2019. It feels so safe in our city because our Mayor is a very hardworking person and he also wanted us maintain the cleanliness of our surroundings so that more tourists will come to our town.

Gimelle, says: 2020

Anyone contemplating moving to Angeles on a full-time or even part-time basis, should know rather more seedy aspects of life, for which Angeles is renowned. Anyone moving with their family, would be very wise to research Angeles in depth before taking the plunge.

Kyenna, says: 2020

The city is a highly urbanized city which would mean that moving in would have great impact to them in adapting the perks of being in an urbanized place such as having to endure traffic and crowded places. However, our city has several tourist spots that they can enjoy and leisurely engage themselves.

Allyson, says: 2020

Angeles City has a huge area. If moving here, you must consider being a well-mannered person, and financially stable one. Since my city is known for its beautiful and broad architectural structures, everyone who is surely an avid fan of adventures, this place would best fit for you.

Francesca, says: 2020

Before transferring to my city, one should consider having fun. My city is a collaboration of technology and nature. Hence, a person can have the best of both worlds. People in this city are also welcoming and warm, thus, transferring here will not be a great challenge.

The town of Angeles City is one of the civilized municipality in Pampanga. It is an independent city where it doesn’t need the approval of the provincial gov’t. It is also the city where you can found most of the delicious food. It is where the most delicious food cooker lives.

Arliyah, says: 2020

Visitors should know Angeles City is not the typical Filipino provincial city. Firstly, English is widely used and this can make residing in the city easier than is the case in other provincial cities. The city has a diverse expat community and therefore goods and activities that are associated with your home country are most likely to be found in the city. However, the cost of living is slightly higher than other cities.

Angeles City is like the second capital of the Philippines, so one should expect heavy traffic, busy streets, and many establishments. There are plenty of apartments and dorm rooms available, but one should prepare an extra budget for these because they don’t come cheap due to high demand. As for supplies, everything is accessible — including food, toiletries, appliances, and office supplies, among others.

Debbie, says: 2020

Angeles City is a widely urbanized location. We have a bunch of hospitals, schools, restaurants, stores, and everything they may need. I can confidently argue that our city is the very same as this country’s capital, Manila, minus the heavy traffic. Aside from that, our city is known in the country for its mouth-watering recipes and delicacies.

Joerick, says: 2020

When moving here, one should consider the perfect location for convenience in everyday living. It is important to know the best place to stay where you can gain easy access to malls, grocery stores, convenience stores, market, and even health care facilities so one can have fewer worries in his/her time in the city.

Miravilar, says: 2020

I reside in Angeles City, Philippines. My city is a great place. Residents are warm, kind, and helpful. There are a lot of nice places you can visit. If you love to dine-out, we have the first-class restaurants serving international cuisines. Places you can visit like the resorts and casinos, parks, restaurants, old churches.

Pamela, says: 2020

Angeles City is currently in Pampanga province and can be found in Central Luzon, Philippines. It is widely known for its history and cultural assets specifically the food. Residents of this city are recognized as great cooks for they produce exquisite cuisines that bring pride to the country. Anyone who has a tongue for delicacy will find it worthy to visit the place.

Weynard, says: 2020

Most of the tourist usually go to Balibago, Angeles City because there are many hotels and restaurants situated there. If someone is going to move in Angeles to look for a work, there are many BPO companies near Angeles. You can also visit our popular Catholic church which is the Holy Rosary Parish.

Considering moving here, Angeles City has friendly and hospitable people. It is also famous in varieties of Filipino cuisines. the city is one of the top cities in the Philippines because it has different businesses and companies that has helped its people to have a stable and permanent jobs.

Dominic, says: 2020

Basically people’s culture is to be considered. If one moving here should know people’s way of life so he assimilate. Another is the cost of living. cost of living isn’t that high. Transportation is cheap. He can choose to travel by jeep (usually 10 Php for the first four km and an additional one Php per one kilometer excess). Finally, cost of daily essentials are very affordable. About 20,000 Php for essentials can cater four people per month.

One moving to Angeles City must know first about traffic condition here. A quick 15-minute drive from your home to the mall could become an hour-long should you happen to get caught up within the peak hours, which usually are from five to eight both in the mornings and in the afternoons to evenings.

Kimberly, says: 2020

Angeles City is known for its rich history and heritage, with a lot of significant buildings all around the vicinity. It is also houses one of the largest university in Region III which is the Holy Angel University. In these recent times, Angeles City is already considered a highly urbanized city as it contains numerous BPO agencies. Albeit being urbanized, the city declared an ordinance to have its historical locations to be preserved for the benefit of the recent and future generations. Hence, Angeles City is a place where you can experience the old and new.

Enrico, says: 2020

Our city is one the most commercialized city in our province. There are malls everywhere. Transportation are very cheap and fast so that moving from one place to another is very easy. Although there are times that people have conflict with each other but trust me people in our place are very welcoming to every tourist.

Jennefer, says: 2020

Our city offers a variety of food choices for travelers and locals. The province where Angeles City is located is considered the “Food Capital” of the Philippines since locals are specialized in cooking different kinds of food with different styles of cooking. Since the Philippines was colonized by Spain and by the Americans. Their influence played a huge role in our cuisine. When you are visiting Angeles, you will never go hungry.

Danielle, says: 2020

Our city is a great place. There are pros and cons that know if you decide to live in our city. One of the pros is it is surrounded by a lot of convenience stores, wet markets, and supermarkets. There are available transportations nearby as well. It also has different kind of attractions and places if you decide to roam around. One of the cons is it is not safe for you walk alone at night because it is dangerous. But overall, our city is a great place.

Angelika, says: 2020

Angeles City also known as City of Angels is often referred as the next Capital City of the Philippines. Various tourist hotspots can be seen in this City, such as the Holy Rosary Parish Church. It is also the center of entertainment of Pampanga, for it is home of different night clubs and held most of the local events.

Our city is one of the safe places in the Philippines. Also, the economy of our city is good because they’re a lot of investors who choose to invest in our city. There is also a lot of tourist destination here. Our city is known as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines because all the foods are here are delicious.

If you come from a big city such as Manila, Angeles City, Pampanga, is a place that might be unknown to you. Nonetheless, it is a highly urbanized city with lots of lively people and lively lights. Surely, one to be prepared for are the Kapampangans. Our people have big personalities; we like to speak loudly and frankly. Despite that, we have some of the best cooks in the country. You better prepare your taste buds for amazing food and glorious meals!

Living in a highly urbanized city in Pampanga will allow you to see the diversity of culture, the beauty of entrepreneurship, and the history of the place. Angeles City is known for its nightclubs and bars; prepare to spend unforgettable nights here. Despite the perks of living in Angeles City, one thing you should know is the flow of traffic. Expect Jams and long lines of vehicles on the road in this city.

You can find the Clark Freeport Zone which caters business and offers a lot of jobs to our fellow men. Also, our city is what they call the Food Capital of the Philippines, so you can enjoy a lot of our local foods. We also have a lot of malls here.

Living in Angeles City is nice because of the cleanliness of the streets. For the same reason, people moving here should know the punishments that littering will cause. The are fines of up to PHP 5,000 should one be caught. Overall though, so long as you are a decent human being, you would love it here! Oh yeah, there are lots of good restaurants and hang-out spots so make sure you have cash.

Trisha, says: 2020

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