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Living in Alexandria, Egypt:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

14 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Alexandria, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 14 people living in Alexandria what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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Alexandria is a city that has a rich history and culture. It is the second-largest city in Egypt and the largest on the Mediterranean coast, with a population of over six million people. It is also a major seaport and industrial centre, as well as a popular tourist destination. It has many attractions, such as the Citadel of Qaitbay, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the Graeco-Roman Museum, and Pompey’s Pillar. The city also has a cosmopolitan atmosphere, with influences from Greek, Roman, Arab, Ottoman, and European civilizations. Alexandria is known for its cuisine, music, literature, and festivals.

He should know that my city is in front o the see, which means that it has some humidity, also it is hot by day and cod by night. It is a city which means it is noisy from all the cars, bad air and has a lot of traffic.

Alexandria is a coastal city; it has some of the best beaches in the world. Transportation is easy to find here, so you shouldn’t worry about that. However, it gets pretty crowded during the summer, so getting stuck in a traffic jam is unavoidable. Concerning the weather, it’s pretty moderate all year long, but it tends to get a bit humid in the summer.

The first thing to know he should bring heavy clothes with him, 2nd thing he should know there is traffic for the whole day. The third thing he should know in Alexandria Traditions and customs are eastern and must be respected. he should also know that Alexandria lays on the Mediterranean Sea.

Kyrillos, says: 2020

The most noticeable thing about Alexandria is the diversity of its inhabitants and landmarks. As most people know, Alexandria used to be the front line of the Egyptian Empire 1,000s of years ago and it got raided frequently by different attackers; each of which had left their cultural footprint.

Consider the times at which the city is overcrowded, that is mainly in summer. Also, if they were to work in the city, they should expect a less generous income due to it not being the capital of the country. The people of the city are friendly and open-minded in general.

Alexandria is a very good city to move to I have a lot of pros and little cons. The pros of Alexandria are you can find everything here, beautiful Mediterranean beaches. And if you’re up to nightlife there are many good places for that if you’re up to shopping many huge malls where you can find almost anything any brand, libraries and cinemas. but winter in Alexandria is cold.

Alexandria is a lively city. The residents there are welcoming and friendly, but they do tend to come across as straightforward. Traffic in Alexandria could cause a 15-minute drive to easily extend to an hour, so make sure to leave a bit early to reach your destination in time.

Alexandria is a coastal city. It has simple people and its history is ancient. It was the oldest center of ancient Egyptian civilization, founded by Alexander the Great before BC. My city called Alexandria the Second capital in Egypt. It has sea and nice places.

The most beautiful city in Egypt in winter, The sea, restaurants, and clubs are perfect, Alexandria have the most beautiful hotels beside the sea, You may have some problems in transportation, But as the total, you’ll love it.

Alexandria is the second most populated city in Egypt. This is more impactful when taking into account that it is a popular tourist spot for both foreigners and Egyptians. Hence while it might not be as jammed as Cairo, it is advised to move a bit early in consideration for traffic. for those who are not used to high humidity levels, they will find summer to be insufferable.

Alexandria has a beautiful beach view, also it’s famous with all tasty kinds of fishes, it’s not too big also not too small, it shows great restaurants and places, good for spending holidays, I love the sea view you also will love it because it’s very charming.

Here in Alexandria, the community is quite close. When it comes to entertainment, there is nothing much to do around the city. You can take a walk by the beach, enjoy a delicious ice-cream or sit in a cafe by the sea. Unlike Cairo, the jobs here are somewhat low in comparison.

For someone moving to Alexandria, Alexandria has always been an amazing historical place, that people from all places around the world came. Ever since Great Alexander founded it, Alexandria has been home to many people from all the worlds including Muslims, Jews and Christians. Everyone lived in harmony.

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