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Living in Abeokuta, Nigeria:
Tips for Moving and Visiting

15 local experts

If you've been wondering what it's like to live in or visit Abeokuta, the Crowdsourced Explorer community can help. We asked 15 people living in Abeokuta what someone who is considering moving to or visiting there should know. Here are their pros and cons, tips, and advice:

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If you intend to move down to Abeokuta you need to prepare to make yourself comfortable with all necessary basic necessities like borehole for your water, solar system for your light, well fenced accommodation with 24/7 security in place and don’t forget to install air conditioner because Abeokuta is very hot because of the rocks and with your functional fully air conditioner car in place. Waoooo! The place is just paradise on earth

Adenekan, says: 2023

Abeokuta is a city in Ogun State, Nigeria. Its residential situation is good and there are jobs everywhere. It is a city with a rocky landscape and great historical features. Abeokuta is a sight to behold. It is not a land filled with territory, every minute in it is peaceful.

Joshua, says: 2020

Abeokuta is known for its enriched culture and tradition. It is also known for a variety of rocks which you would be seeing almost everywhere you go. There is a particular place for sightseeing named Olumo rock which in it is embedded the history of the war that birthed the city.

Osariemen, says: 2020

The Olumo Rock that is in the middle of the ancient city of Abeokuta is a center of tourism to most people within Nigeria and other part of Africas. Olumo Rock is believed to be a hiding place of refuge for the ancient people in the city of Abeokuta whenever war besieged the town in the olden days.

Anyone moving to Abeokuta must know the issue of power supply. This is a serious challenge which the government is currently looking into. In the meantime, most residents who can afford it, provide power themselves through power generating sets popularly known as generator. The problems with these generators are that not can afford them and the fumes they emit which causes pollution.

I reside in Abeokuta, Ogun State in Nigeria. For someone moving here, it is pertinent to note that the city is one of the ancient cities in Nigeria with tourist attraction, chief among which is the Olumo Rock. Transportation is very affordable, with good road network. However, there is shortage of clean water. Majority of the water is gotten from wells.

Solomon, says: 2020

Abeokuta, the capital city of Ogun State, is located in South West Nigeria. According to the World Population Statistics of 2019, the city’s population is 593,100 people. The city is well known all around Africa for its history, art works, and music. Abeokuta is the trade center for products such as cacao, kola nuts, citrus fruits, and bananas and its domestic industries include textiles and dyes. The city has a cannery and cement and concrete plants. The city depends on the Oyan River Dam for its water supply.

Affiong, says: 2020

The city where I reside, Abeokuta, is less-insecure once you adhere to the following rules. Firstly, roaming the streets at night is prohibited and wearing indecent dresses are forbidden. Once you know these basics, Abeokuta is a convenient place for you.

Oluwatobiloba, says: 2020

It is very peaceful and quiet, no case of violence and it is a very lovely place considering either visiting or staying in my state. Living in my city has been a wonderful experience, right from childhood I’ve been living there, so I’ve witnessed a lot about my city.

Queneth, says: 2020

Abeokuta is among rocks, hence the name ‘Abeokuta’ which means under the rock. it’s the capital town of Ogun state, it’s a lively and peaceful city. It houses three higher institutions. The major problem of the city is lack of pipe borne water. People suffer for water every dry season.

Martina, says: 2020

The main language is Yoruba and it is spoken with a wide variety of accents and dialects. Abeokuta is unique because it is diverse and it is occupied by people of different tribes. The town has a rocky landscape and historical features, there are also places that are worth exploring and can be used for photo ops. Olumo rock is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria, located in the ancient city at the center of Abeokuta.

Theophilus, says: 2020

Abeokuta is the capital of Ogun State. It has been in existence for over 40 years. The city is largely surrounded by rocks. The city homed one of the site of tourism attraction in the country ‘Olumo Rock’. For someone moving to Abeokuta, know electricity is not supplied to major areas of the city on daily basis, which means you will need to get your own power generating engine. Abeokuta is an actively bustling environment, so you can never be bored.

Samuel, says: 2020

Abeokuta has a beautiful tourist attraction called Olumo rock which is a favourable place for hikers. It is very peaceful with low crime rate. It is the state capital of Ogun and it has good and beautiful infrastructure including good roads, bridges and electricity. Yoruba language is widely spoken in my city.

It’s a city of rocks, popularly known as Rock City. In the central part of Ogun state in Nigeria. Abeokuta is known for its proximity to the commercial capital of Nigeria i.e., Lagos State which has made it develop strategically in its economic activities. Abeokuta is a peaceful and conducive environment where there is zero stress of traffic unlike it’s neighbor state, Lagos State.

Constance, says: 2020

Abeokuta was originally inhabited by the Egba people who found refuge at the Olumo rock during inter-tribal wars in the 1800s. The rock provided sanctuary to the people as well as a point to monitor the enemy’s advance and that’s where the name Abeokuta came from. Abeokuta simply means “under the rock” and the town eventually grew as new settlers spread out from this location.

Richard, says: 2020

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